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It's funny where they get comfortable!

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I have Dean with me in my office today. He has a blanket to lie on and the floor has a nice carpet on it. Where has the dear silly boy planted himself? On top of a pile of posters and papers. He's been sleeping cozily on it for an hour now!

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I wish I had my camera. Next time I bring him in, I'll bring it.


Before I had him out in the reception area and he was sitting at the receptionist's desk in her chair. It was hysterical. I'll definitely bring a camera next time he comes in to work with me.

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We have a to-the-floor window that Whisper loves to sit in front of. In front of the window is a good 5-inch bean that acts as a sill. She will lay on the floor with her chin on the sill, so her whole head is tilted upwards and she is peering up her nose and to the outside. OFten she will have one or sometimes even both paws beside her nose on the sill. IT doesn't look like it could possible be comfortable but she seems to enjoy it.

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