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Going to the Vet in the morning

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I think I broke my dog! :rolleyes: We went on a 9 mile hike on Saturday and she seems to have hurt herself. After about 8 miles Ceana began to lay down every ten minutes or so. Everytime she laid down we would stop and wait for her to get back up and be ready to go... she seemed fine and did not even limp for until today! I knew something was wrong in the car though... I would look back at her and she would bare her teeth and growl (she has her fear & agression issues so we are use to her bitch face and noises), but this was crazy! Usually you have to touch her when she goes into her freeze pose to get her to growl like that. Poor baby. This morning I noticed she was having trouble balancing when she peed & pooed. I knew something was wrong when she was licking her foot after our potty trip & then I came home to a tripod with a frisbee :D We have an appointment at the vets at 10:30 am, but they are going to call me if anyone cancels and we can get her in earlier. They suggested we give her a benedryl to make her sleepy so she'll stay off of it (since she is obviously not letting it inhibit her playtime) I think it is kicking in because I am getting some very sad looks at the moment. I wish I could make it all go away for her.


I don't know how she hurt herself. She slipped on a rock at one point, but she seemed fine....that is the only thing I can think of. I priced out an exam & x-rays at the e-vet & we were looking at 350.00 minimum, so we will have to wait until morning. Pictures of her swollen foot are still loading onto my photobucket so I will post them as soon as they are up.





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I definetly over reacted and Ceana may deserve an oscar :rolleyes: . She cracked her toe nail. We now have a behavioralist to work with on reccomendation from the vet---Ceana smiled a lot



Bwahah! That is too funny :D Blue has had a number of foot injuries on the cow lot- because she isn't the least bit afraid to walk right under their bellies and between their legs to get to their noses if they're trying to hide in a corner. The month after I got her she broke a bone in the center of one of her back feet. Nothing to do for it but let it heal, she was a three legged dog for weeks, there was a bit of a bump on top of her foot a while, now you can't tell. Then she got stepped on and tore a toenail out of one of her front toes, it bled like crazy, took a long time to grow back out. The latest thing was, oh, three and a half weeks ago she dislocated a toe on her right front paw. I popped it back in place. She gimped around for a couple weeks. I think back foot injuries seem easier on them than front- the back foot hardly slowed her down, she ran on three legs, the front feet injuries she didn't get along very quick on and seemed to bother her more.

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The month after I got her she broke a bone in the center of one of her back feet. Nothing to do for it but let it heal, she was a three legged dog for weeks, there was a bit of a bump on top of her foot a while, now you can't tell.


Interesting that setting the bone/surgery wasn't suggested, though I found lots of opinions in favour of just letting broken toes just heal on their own. I was doing a bit of research into toe/toenail injuries on a sled dog message board (when Lightning cracked a toenail so that the tip was hanging loosely). All the messages I found in regards to broken toes were eliciting responses to just let them heal on their own, and cited examples of several people who had spent tons of money on trying to have them fixed, only to find that the foot never recovered well enough for the dogs to race again. Others who had given the dogs time off work and just let them rest and heal on their own had a much better outcome, and several of the dogs went back into long distance racing with no difficulties.


Glad to hear Ceana's okay and that it's not anything worse than a cracked nail.

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