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huh? Misty did the strangest thing....

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ok, you know how dogs, when they are itchy, sometimes sort of nibble themselves, like they sort of chatter the front teeth over the area? well I woke up at 3am to the strangest feeling on my shoulder, when I looked over, there was Misty, sitting hunched over doing that nibbling thing to the back of my shoulder :rolleyes: I dunno how long she was doing it for, but there were marks from ther front teeth. I just cannot for the life of my figer out WHY she would do that?



edit-sorry about that title, I clearly should not be typing as soon as I wake up lol that should be "NO" not "KNOW" lol

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There have been stories (perhaps "urban legends") about dogs who have detected abnormalities (like melanoma) in human skin and have bitten the area to try to help. If you notice anything abnormal about the area where Misty was biting, it might be worth a visit to the doctor just to be safe.

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I've heard that too Bustopher. Skip will do that when I itch him and he can reach my arm. But I have a little stuffed elephant that will say "Lay me down to sleep" prayer in a very young childs voice, and when I get it out, he will do that to it the whole time the thing is talking. When he does it to me, it's kinda weird feeling, cuz of his buck teeth, it's more of a scraping! LOL

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