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We adopted Max in late March after our beloved 15-yr old Aussie died. He had been at the pound, but a shepherd rescue organization fostered him. They listed him on petfinder as an Aussie mix. But after much research and asking a few dog lovers, it seems as if he has a fair bit of BC in him - probably the "better half" of him! He does have a longer snout like an Aussie, and his tail is very short, but his coloring and fur is all BC. He's gentle with kids, but gets very excited in the morning when it's walk time.


He's a sweetie, very attached to me, but he is having a few chewing problems. We're trying to get him to stop stealing books, but he's not quite getting it. We've rearranged the shelves so the sacrificial junk is on the bottom, just in case he can't help himself. Once it gets cooler we'll probably leave him out during the day, but right now it's still over 100 degrees for the majority of the day!


Anyway, here's Max. He's about 19 months old now.





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Welcome aboard! Max has a really nice face -- I love his expression in the first picture. This is the greatest message board. I have learned so much from the experienced members. Daisy is my first BC, and also -- yes -- my first DOG! Thank goodness there are so many people who know more than I do!

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Max looks pretty BC to me, and a sweetie, too. That second shot shows the intelligence in his gaze: that's one of my favorite things about BCs.


My pup Kaylee (4 months) chewed her first book this morning in a fit of mischief. I'll have to replace it,as it was on loan from a friend. Fortnunately she just trashed the cover: I'm not done reading it! Stole it off my nightstand, she did, then went back and got the coveted stuffed pony that lives on my bed. MY toy, and I'm not sharing this one. Well, eventually, I'm sure I'm going to find the poor pony with her belly ripped out, but I'm fighting the good fight, and got her back this time.


I can recommend those smoked cow hooves at the pet stores: they are cheap and incredibly hard, and keep my chewer busy for hours.


I'm new to the boards, too, and have found some wise ol' BC owners here that can advise you on just about anything, and tell great tales about their packs of black n white n red n freckled dogs. I have to check this board every day now, it's fascinating!

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I've only know read the part about his interest in literature :D I've got a "savant" myself. Quite a few books fell prey to his insatiable interest in the written word - and paper in general. He always steals them from my nightstand. Actually, now that I'm thinking, I haven't lost a book to him in quite a while. BTW, Ouzo is just 1 month older than Max - so maybe hope's right around the corner, Heather :rolleyes:

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Ted has suddenly "discovered" chewing for some reason, after he turned a year. Ben did the same thing, it's kind of strange. Anyway, Ben ate rugs. Ted likes books and small cords like those used to recharge very expensive electronics, like Patrick's Bluetooth cellphone earpiece, and my Mac, of course.


I tried pepper on the book, just dimly hoping it might work. No, he seemed to enjoy it more WITH the flavoring. I used straight dry cayenne.


We're just keeping everything out of reach for now. And I've switched him over to all raw meaty bones for his meals. I'm sure this too shall pass. :rolleyes:


It's strange because when Ted was a baby pupper, he had no interest in chewing, not even bones.

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