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  1. Thanks everyone for your responses. Her Allergy test was done last year, early summer. We have changed her food to Wellness Simple and if the test was at all accurate the food should not be causing her continued problems. She has never had fleas and I do not know what other insects could bother her year round other than dust mites which we do our best to control by keeping bedding clean and house vaccumed. She is an extremely healthy, according to the vet, other than she tears herself to pieces scratching. She sees her vet every year and has had a blood panel done every year since we got her just so we know what her normal is. Everything always looks great. (She acctually sees her vet unofficially about once a month since both my mom and sister work there and we are there alot visiting.) You all give me some encouragement that we may be headed in the right direction. I am looking for the safest and most effective way to help her.(Money is no option)I only want the best for her.
  2. Has anyone given their dog allergy shots. We had Magic tested last summer. She is allergic to 21 different food and inhaled allergens. We at that time we decided to try to manage the allergies with changes in diet, bathing frequently and keeping her bedding clean. We spent all summer trying everything the vet and my online research suggested. All with very little success. The only thing that kept the itching and hot spots at bay was a low dose of prednisone every other day. I thought we would be able to stop this during the winter but she still has symptoms without the pred. I do not want to keep here on pred because of the long term side effects. We have a wellness appointment in about a week and I am going to talk to the vet about starting allergy shots. I want to start them soon because I understand that it can take 6 to 12 months to see if they work. Would love to hear anyones experiences with the shots. The company that did the testing and would supply the shots is Spectrum labs.
  3. I vote for Allergy testing. I was amazed at all the things that Magic was allergic to. I thought I was feeding her high quality food (Solid Gold Bark at the Moon). When we got the test back she was allergic to 22 different things, some food and some enviromental. Of all things she was allergic to carrots, peas and flax, all that were in her food. She is also allergic to oats which alot of dog treats are made of. What was nice is that with the test came a list of foods that she should be able to tolerate. We went with Wellness Simple. It has only 1 Protein and 1 carb in the ingredients, not alot of the extra un-needed stuff. This has helped alot. She still has several enviromental allergies that the only way to combat is to keep her away from the oak and grass pollens when they are at their worse. I wash her bedding at least once a week and bath her just as often. We use an antibiotic shampoo when she is at her worse and no shampoos with oatmeal, which alot of people use to help sooth itchy dogs. Although the allergy tests are not a cure they sure are great knowlegde for keep them under control.
  4. I know that this topic is a little old but I just got allergy results on my dog abd one of the things she is allergic to is peanuts. No more home made peanut butter dog bisquits
  5. I have been fighting hotspots with my dog Magic, along with chewing her legs raw for a couple of years. Our vet finally suggested doing allergy test. Before this we had had her on and off of prednisone, which worked for short term. We tried eliminating normal known food allergies like corn and wheat. No matter what we did it would still come back and worse in the spring and summer. We decided to do a serum allergy test which only requires a blood draw. Well we got our results back about a week ago and what an eye opener. She tested positive for 21 allergens. Doc said that was alot. The food allergies were the most surprising. Venison Corn Peanuts Oats Brewers Yeast Flax Carrots Peas ( she was not allergic to Wheat It is hard to find food and treats with out Oats, Flax or Carrots. Her food and treats had these in them and I thought they were all good for dogs. I even added extra flax for awhile for her skin and coat. Man did I feel bad. She of course has many inhaled allergies also. The vet suggested that we address the food allergies and that its possible that the others will become less severe with time. We have change her food to Wellness Simple ( which she loves ) , give her Zyrtec every day and so far so good. She had frequent episodes of diahrea which seem to have cleared up. Sorry for my rambling I just wanted to let you know that this simple allergy test has really made us feel that we are on the right track for having a healty dog. I will do this for all future dogs I have that show any sign of allergies. I won't spend two years trying to figure it out on my own.
  6. Name: Magic Nicknames: Magic Girl, Black Magic, Girl Friend and #1 Nickname: Silly Puddy (derived from Silly Puppy)
  7. Take her to the vet. When our dog started choking I took her and that is when we found that she had a tumor pushing against here esophagus. I most certainly do not think that this is your dogs problem, but choking is not normal and should be investigate. Good Luck.
  8. I take Magic horse back riding and hiking with me, in which she likes to lead. She responds well to hand signals. I will whistle just once which means to stop and look at me and then I will point and say " that a way" and she will change directions. If we come to a split in a trail and she takes the wrong one I just say "wrong way and she will back track and take the other trail.
  9. Magic had been eating Soild Golds Bark at the Moon, but because I have had troulble getting have recently switch her to Wellness Core. Note: She ate the Solid Gold well and pooped only twice a day (small firm poops). When I went to switch the food I mixed the to together for transition. Well I can tell which one she preferred. She picked out the Wellness kibble and left the solid gold. She still only poops twice a day and small and firm.
  10. Magic smiles so big it makes her sneeze
  11. I give Magic Flax oil. I have not heard that dogs do not get the same benefits. I buy Barlean's Fax Oil for Animals.
  12. Thank You for sharing! It made me laugh and cry. It reminded my of my dog Bandit who has been gone for a couple of years now. She loved doing tricks. Keep up the good work you to have something special.
  13. We had taught our old dog Bandit (R.I.P) to speak on command and then she decided that speaking was a good way to get our attention (the worse thing we ever taught her). So to counter act it we taught her to wisper. She would move her mouth like she was barking but no noise would come out. This worked very well, every time she would get bossy and start barking at us we would put a finger to our mouths and say shhh! Whisper!
  14. I don't know that it is safe, but I believe it to be the lesser of two evils, and that is why I discussed it with my vet first and do regular blood work to make sure that Magic is healthy.
  15. I know I may get some grief over this post but I believe very strongly that this works and is safe. I crush one small clove of garlic in Magic's food every day. She loves it. We live in a area that if you travel into the woods at all you will get ticks and we go 2 to 3 times a week trail riding and doing cattle work. This year we have had only one attached tick and it had not been attached very long. I know that because it is part of the onion family that people believe that it is not safe. My vet says that it is safe in the amounts that I am giving. She is sceptical about it working but had no problem with me feeding it. I have been doing this for a year and a half and we have had very few ticks, alot less than on my last dog Bandit (R.I.P.) She died of a tumor that was located right between her shoulder blades. (coincidence? I don't think so!)
  16. Sorry I miss spoke when I used the word fiberglass. I am not sure what they are made of but they are abrasive. I use rubber balls that I believe to be less abrasive. Here is a link the ADVS site about the tennis balls being like a scouring pad. http://www.avds-online.org/info/wornteeth.html Again I am sorry I miss spoke.
  17. I have not heard of this but do know that they are made of fiberglass and can wear thier teeth down. I only let my dog place with dog aproved balls.
  18. Magic came out of the selter with the name Spice. We did not care for it and wanted to changer her name incase there was any bad association to that name. We had lost our last Border Collie about 6 weeks before. It took about two weeks to settle on her name but it was a perfect fit. She is named Magic because she was magically healing our hearts. Nicknames: When she is being goofy it is Silly Putty (derived from silly puppy) When she is being naughty she is The Black Booger.
  19. Magic is my #1 Girl Friend, but loves to join me in cow work on the weekends. My employees call her their mental health benefit. When ever any of them are feeling bad or just delt with a tough customer, they go get a love from Magic and she is always ready and willing ( if you will throw the ball after you get a kiss)
  20. This is not the type of tracking your are talking about but Magic and I are learning to track cattle. Friends of mine run about 150 head of cow/calf pairs on 17,000 acres of forest land, so to find them we do alot of riding and use the dogs to help find and follow the cows when they take off at a dead run away from you. Magic picked up on it very well last fall. When we would find cows she would take off after them and we would start to follow. Her job is to come back to us and show us the direction the are traveling. She does alot of traveling back and forth along the trail of the cows. It was pretty cool, just when I thought she was wrong and had lost the cows we would spot them ahead of us. (Cow boss told me to always trust the dog) By the way for those of you that have never rode horse back after cattle, No you can not keep up with cows through brush and forest. They can go through brush like a bull dozer. Having a dog makes it much easier to follow them.
  21. Magic does this also, but the funniest thing is when she brings it back she stops short by about 10 to 20 feet and lays down with the frisbee on her paws. When you ask her to come she flips the frisbee in the air with her paw, catches it in her mouth then comes trotting up to give it to you, looking very proud of herself.
  22. Not a very good video quality wise, but goofy yes. This is Magic making snow balls. http://www.paddocks.com/CIMG2331.AVI Sorry if it takes a few minutes to load. Hope this works.
  23. Some mother dogs will chew on their puppies tails. I do not know why. A friend has a dog with about a 9 to 10 inch tail and they know thats what happened to her because they caught the mother doing it. My dog Bandit (RIP) was the same way beautiful fluffy tail but looked like some one had forgot to add the curl at the end.
  24. I think your mutt, as you call her, is absolutely adorable. Sorry if no one has posted (looks like your post has been up only an hour). I have no answer for you because I no nothing about seizures and vaccines. Give it alittle more time and maybe someone who knows something about this subject will post. I wish you and Misty the best of luck solving this health problem. I know how frighting it can be not knowing what is wrong with your beloved pet. Please keep us informed with how she does. People on this board do care. Lorna Magics Mom
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