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Strange behavior in the backyard


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First I thought maybe neighbor's dog got through the fence and marked the area. I checked the fence and they were secure. Then I thought maybe there was someone on the other side of the fence and purposely scared her - yelling maybe? I've had meter guys standing on the other side of the fence before and my dogs weren't scared at all. If it's a person that scared her, then the strong smell in the patio didn't make sense. We were puzzled! I dropped some boiled chicken in the area when she wasn't watching. She eventually went to it and she was okay after that. Any idea??

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Could there have been a person there? My boxer one time, upon us coming home, sensed that someone had been in my home, and he patroled the whole house while I stood at the front door. His hair was up. Sure enough, I called my father, and he had been over that morning. Take note of this behaviour, and just do an assessment of all fences/gates.

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Some dogs can find certain smells VERY aversive. My drug dog will react EXACTLY the same way

if we walk into a warehouse that has a shipment of animal hides...she'll definitely pick up on

them before I can even find the crate!

Odours can pool in corners or up against fences... so much depends on heat,humidity and air


I know of a dog that refused to go into his basement,where he usually hung out, come to find out

there was a carbon monoxide buildup. Doggie noses are sooooooo sensitive and we sometimes forget

that dogs do 'see' their world through their noses first!

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