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Newbee here.

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Hi. :rolleyes: I am new to the forum. This is my BC, Karl. He is 6 months and a hyperactive male. He is going to be neutered tomorrow so wish him luck.

I have a couple of questions.

1: My dog is toy and treat possesive and will become aggressive when other dogs are around. How do I deter him from being this way?

2. How long before he can go out again after he is neutered?

Well was very nice meeting all you wonderful folks. Have a nice day.


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When there are not other dogs around, is he OK with you removing a toy from him? If not, that's where I would start working on it.


You can teach your dog to give up toys to you by playing "trade" with higher value toys, or with treats if your dog will drop a toy for food.


I teach all of my dogs "drop it" by doing that. I don't require that they place the toy in my hand, but simply release it and give it up.


If he is OK with you removing the toy, one thing you can do is remove the toy when you feel he is being inappropriate.


For instance, one of my dogs, Maddie, cares nothing for toys. But every now and then she will snatch the ball that the Border Collies are playing with away from them and dive under the futon with it. I'm OK with that part. What I'm not OK with is that if one of them approaches the futon to try to retrieve the ball, she growls at them. Since she will release a toy to me, when she does that, I remove the toy from her and put it away for a while. What she is learning is that as soon as she growls, her fun is over.


Sometimes I will also put a blanket in front of her view of them and get them started with another ball. Again, her fun (what she enjoys is the "keep away" game) is over once she growls.


But in order to use that technique, you do need to be comfortable taking the toy away from the dog.


If I were not comfortable taking the toy, I might keep a short leash attached to my dog when he or she is around other dogs. Then, if the dog becomes inappropriate, I would neutrally lead the dog out of the room and put him or her up for a little while away from the action. That's how I taught Dean not to try to tackle Speedy and bark in his face and it was very effective.


In any case, welcome and I wish you the best with Karl.

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Welcome! Karl is a cutie pie!


Kristine gave some great advice. See if that works with you.


I would wait a few days before letting Karl rough play too much. Jake came to us about a week after his neutering (if that long). A few days after arriving, I noticed he was licking himself. When I examined him, his incision looked a little red to me so I took him to the vet. She agreed it looks a little inflamed and put him on antibiotics. I know he's young and it's not going to be easy but try to keep him calm for as long as possible, maybe a couple of weeks.

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Hi, Karl!


I'm new to the Forum, too, with Kaylee 14 weeks tomorrow (when am I supposed to start using months instead of weeks, for age?), and am learning daily! These folks are awesome, they know so much about these dogs and how to work with them. I guess it's necessary to have a sense of humor about BCs, too, because everyone's posts and pictures are highly entertaining!


Now I'm not only addicted to BCs, I'm addicted to this forum as well!


Again, welcome! I share your pain...



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thanks everyone. I will do the take away for a better toy method starting from now. The other day, he attacked a shi tzu, Portuguese water dog, a cairn terrier and a silky just for a stupid toy. :rolleyes: Its getting on my nerves. But, on the good side, he is a fast learner. Well, he is being neutered right now as we speak (poor thing). See you folks later!!

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Two things come to mind... Karl doesn't know it yet but all the toys he thinks are his, are yours. Keep all of his toys away from him until you chose to have him play with it and use NILIF with the toy as a reward. "Drop it" comes next as folks have said. Then "LEAVE!!!" which means "don't ever touch that again". If this progression works, you can expand the meaning of "Leave" to mean " don't ever touch that nice doggie again, no matter what he's doing with my toy".


There will be things about your dog that will be annoying.....some of the behaviors you may have to work REALLY hard on for a very long time with no or limited success. That is important for any dog owner, parent or other caretaker. After nearly two years with my BC I have asked myself many times" what if she never gets it, or grows out of it?" The answer is always simply to love her and take good care of her.


But most issues will work themselves out by the age of three I'm told with consistent, patient, training. One day you will suddenly realize that Karl has become a gentlemen.

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Welcome to the boards. You'll find lots of helpful people and good info too.


I would go with the NILIF training. It worked great with Black Jack, but he wasn't really that food/toy aggressive. Good luck.


How'd the neutering go?

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