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  1. Aw man, I just bought a remote control car. Well the thing about Karl is that he's very well behaved. Does commands on a dime. He is a frisbee dog. He knows when it's play time and he knows when to quit. But, i will consider your opinion and think about it more. Thanks for the reply
  2. Since Hawaii has very limited livestock and not many ranches. I was wondering if I could use a remote control car to help my dog karl release his desire to herd? If you know any locations here on Oahu that I can take Karl to herd livestock, I would very much appreciate the suggestions.
  3. I started to feed Karl Primal Raw Patties and he seems to enjoy it a lot. He will scarf his food in 17 seconds. all the other stuff he doesn't like.
  4. My dog is known at the park for being Ka lo he, a Hawaiian word meaning rascal. If I turn my attention away from him for a couple of seconds, he's into something that he shouldn't be in. It's all fun and cute for everyone else except for me most of the time. Well, I'm off to the park for more fun and games with Karl. See ya.
  5. There is this lady that comes to my work to check out Karl (my dog) everyday, but Karl for some reason growls at her, shows his teeth and barks like a mad man at her. This poor lady just loves dogs and just wants to say hi to him. I have been working with Karl to be kind to this woman , but was just curious, why in the world does he particularly dislikes this person?
  6. Karl is doing ok and i will be taking him out today for a little exercise. Feel really bad for him cause i would never wish this type of surgery on me. Oh well, i guess the doctors knows whats best.
  7. so sorry for you loss. Hugs froms Karls dad
  8. So far so good. He is lively and ready to play. I think i have one of those unusually hyper active dog that can not stop moving and I cant bare to see him cooped up at home. I will be taking out today.
  9. Well, nothing wrong that. I'm sure everyone here is trying their best for their dog, otherwise they wouldn't be here on this forum. I'm sure everyone knows what's best for their own dog and would be foolish to consider what is right or wrong for any other dog that they don't own. But, rather may hold their opinions and deliver in a well mannered respectful way. Well everyone, well done and keep up the good work. The maturity of your replies impresses me. I am humbled. cheers, Karl's everlearning Dad.
  10. Hi im new to this forum and read somewhere that a doggies diet is a heated issue on this forum and they wish not to say anything on what she feeds her dog. Why is this. I know there are 2 different thoughts on food; one being dry and on being raw. What's the controversy about? i mean whats the big deal.
  11. Hey mojo thanks for the reply. That link was really good. Looking at the other BC's made me more confident that my BC is not underweight. He is probably just right. He is still young so I guess he's still needs time to fill out those bones with some muscle. I miss my dog. He still at the vet being neutered. The vet called me and said the surgery went fine, but still he must be worried since this has probably been the longest he has been without me. Thanks
  12. wow, thats very encouraging. I will try to keep on him on a consistent basis for as long as it takes. Thank you so much for the info.
  13. I try to give Karl 3.5 hours of play everyday at the dog park. He runs with other dogs for half of the time and then I give him what he really wants, his beloved frisbee. The thing is I feed him Primal raw patties everyday, but if I feed him the recommended amount he turns to bone and skin. so I give him double the amount which is 2 patties a day, yet he is still very skinny. I was wondering how many hours of exercise you folks give your dogs, how much you feed and are they skinny? Thanks everyone.
  14. thanks everyone. I will do the take away for a better toy method starting from now. The other day, he attacked a shi tzu, Portuguese water dog, a cairn terrier and a silky just for a stupid toy. Its getting on my nerves. But, on the good side, he is a fast learner. Well, he is being neutered right now as we speak (poor thing). See you folks later!!
  15. Hi. I am new to the forum. This is my BC, Karl. He is 6 months and a hyperactive male. He is going to be neutered tomorrow so wish him luck. I have a couple of questions. 1: My dog is toy and treat possesive and will become aggressive when other dogs are around. How do I deter him from being this way? 2. How long before he can go out again after he is neutered? Well was very nice meeting all you wonderful folks. Have a nice day.
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