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Happy Vet Visit

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I mentioned a few days ago in another post about Pache having a stressful vet visit a couple of weeks or so ago when I had to take him in for his shots (when the tech questioned me after I told her we needed a muzzle). Well here's a happy vet visit story.


I ran out of their heartguard and Navi was already on the higher dose than Pache. Just to make sure if I needed to up the dosage for Pache I put him on the scale w/ me at home and measured the difference. I realize that's not really an accurate way to weigh in, but it gives me a general idea. Being his weight was so close to the next level, I decided to take him in w/ me to weigh him on the vets scales just to make sure. We go to the front desk and there is one lone chair right there by the front desk. Now common sense to MOST people would tell you, if you have a dog that may tend to be somewhat unfriendly for whatever reason towards another dog, you don't sit in a place that you know the dogs will be walking up to right?!! Anyway, this girl had her lab right there in this spot...the dog gets up and comes over to sniff Pache, Pache sniffs back and he is being nice to this dog, at this point it seems all is going well. Then the dog growls at him. Normally, Pache would not put up w/ growling from another dog, but he minded his manners very well, so to make sure nothing broke out I put Pache in a sit/stay on the other side of me to avoid conflict. I asked to receptionist to let me weigh him. Put him on the scale and before I knew it she reached down to pet him and he was fine w/ this. Usually I have to get strangers to ignore him and let him approach them, sniff and what have you before I can trust him to let anyone pet him. He was excited to be there but not really stressed about it like he usually is.


Each day that goes by, I think there is hope for him to be somewhat happy-go-lucky w/ everyone one day and not be as fearful of people....although I do have to admit that I like how he is protective of me and my family. It does seem though that we are approaching that happy medium between the two sometimes. I would definitely say that this last trip was a happy vet visit. :rolleyes:

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Glad to hear the visit went well.


When our cat was having problems the end of last year and the beginning of this year, I was taking her to the vet 1-3 times a week. JJ isn't an agressive dog but he still didn't like going. Because I didn't want JJ to associate the vet with getting stuck with needles and getting poked on, I started taking him with us everytime I took our cat. Now he thinks everyone there is his best friend and he wants petting from everybody!


If I could suggest, take Pache to the vets whenever you can even if it's just to walk around the waiting room. If you explain it to the people behind the desk, they'll understand. If pets are only taken to the vets for shots and such, there's nothing 'positive' about any of the visits in their eyes, even if they get treats. Our cat's having problems again, so now it's Jake's turn.

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Oh, that sounds like big progress.


I second the advice about frequent visits. My vet has the scales in the waiting room, and I take my two in there every 3 or 4 weeks just to weigh them, and to say hi (I try to choose times when ther waiting room is pretty empty.) I take treats - and Fergus usually mugs the receptionists for treats. Kirra is less impressed - she goes in OK, gets on the scale, and then says - OK that's it, I'm going now. :rolleyes:

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That's awesome!! Good job Pache.


That's what I do. Every two weeks or so I'll go in and weigh Black Jack, let the vets pet him and give him a treat and what not. It has help a bunch. He'll try to look over the counter to see the people on the other side, and with his BC eyes and ears they can't help but give him a treat! :rolleyes:

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