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Best way to put weight on a dog?

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Hello All,


I have been abesent from the BC Boards for a long time....good to be back. My question is about my new foster dog, Sunny. She's aproximately 3 years old and the sweetest thing in dog form that I have met in a long time. She's painfully thin, and has had terrible diarrhea for over a week.


Today I took her to the vet and got medication to help with the diarrhea, and am having blood tests done to see what else may be going on. She has little appetite for the kibble I feed my dog (Chicken Soup For the Dog Lover's Soul) but gobbles down the white rice I have given her a few times to try to curb the runs.


Once the diarrhea is under control and she is feeling better, I need to put at least 5 if not 10 pounds on her....the poor thing has hip bones sticking out. Are there any suggestions as to the best way to put weight on a dog? High-calorie dog food? Or just feed her more? I don't at this point know if her appetite for the kibble will pick up once she is feeling better, or not.


She is such a sweetheart and has had an awful time of it; came to me terrified of everything but is coming around nicely now, and I want to do the best I can for her.

If I can get it to work I will attach a photo of her.




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Guest WoobiesMom

Aww, what a beauty! But yes, she's thin. When my former dog was sick and would lose weight quickly, a diet of rice and boiled (and rinsed) hamburger put him back on track pretty quickly. I'm using rice and pure pumpkin from a can to try to firm up Woobie's stools right now, that may help.


Hope she does well!

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If you have to, or want to, keep feeding kibble, I recall that Innova (regular) was a very high calorie food. I'm sure you could check on line for various brands' calorie content. Canned pumpkin is great for helping with diarrhea - but I used it to help one of mine LOSE weight, not gain!


Bless you for plumping her up!


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When she is able to handle it, I'd opt for a diet fairly high in both protein and fat. A protein to fat ratio of about 3:2 is about optimal, I understand. If you find a quality, meat-based kibble with a higher protein level and the fat isn't correspondingly high, you can supplement. I've used the drained grease from hamburger or bacon that I've cooked, or "lard" that I've rendered from beef fat. Something like plain pumpkin might be good to add some fiber, and a bit of yogurt might no go amiss (avoid anything with artificial sweetener, though).


Best wishes and bless you for giving her a loving home!

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Guest TheRuffMuttGang

I had a dog like this (constant diarrhea & thin as a stick) and it turned out she had a grain allergy. You may want to try either Innova EVO or Solid Gold Barking at the Moon. Both are grain free kibbles. My girl is doing wonderful on the EVO--no more diarrhea and she can put on weight now like nobody's business.

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