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Concern about BC's quirky eating game

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I have a question pertaining to my son's border collie and the dog's habit of playing with his food by pushing the bowl around the kitchen floor, etc. I even have a link to a short video. I was hoping to get some suggestions as to what we could do. Our other border collies (all from James Shearer's lines, like this present one) did not display any such behavior. Here is a link to a short video showing just what Wyn does:




He is 11 months old and is healthy and very fit. So I am not worried that he is NOT getting enough to eat. But when we put the bowl down the video shows what he usually does with his food. We feed him Purina Pro-Plan Chicken and Rice (which is what the breeder suggested we use). And, by the end of the day, the bowl is empty. Our other BCs would consume two bowlsful a day. Usually they emptied the bowl with the first 30 minutes.


Is there something we can do? Does he not like the food we are giving him? Should we be concerned?


I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions.

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From the movements, it looks like he would like to bury it. Which Kessie would sometimes do when she wasn't hungry, before we added a second dog and she stopped ever leaving any food over.


People often come here asking that question, and the advice they get is normally to stop free-feeding and only leave the bowl on the ground for a limited amount of time every day. If Kyla (our picky girl) doesn't start eating before Kessie has finished, I take her food away and that's it until the next day. She won't starve herself to death.


Of course, being a raw-feeder, I might personally say "I'd make it tastier" :rolleyes: . But that's just me.


Edited to add: look at this thread, LINK

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I wouldn't make it 'tastier' by adding anything. I'm a plain kibble feeder. But I would do scheduled feedings. If the dog doesn't start eating when you put the bowl down and you keep showing them the bowl after about a minute of no interest, I pick up the bowl and that's it. I feed my dogs twice a day, but even once a day works. It'll only take 1 or 2 times of skipping before your pup eats right away which then you praise him.


You have more training opportunities if you don't free feed your dog since food is a powerful motivator - don't waste that advantage! Also, you dog will be focused on eating instead of entertaining himself which is what it looks he's doing like to me. Reminds me of a dog playing with one of the balls that drops treats out of the hole....


Regarding tastiness of food, Purina brand foods are not considered a high quality dog food - higher quality tend to be more palate pleasing. There are numerous threads on these forums that discuss kibble, so do a quick search for food or feed. I know many kibble feeders here feed Blue Buffalo (avail from Petsmart), Canidae (look on their website for locations) and I myself have used both and have added Merrick to my list of foods to feed my dogs. The better quality food you feed, the less the dog poos (due to less fillers) which is always a great side benefit.

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The better quality food you feed, the less the dog poos (due to less fillers) which is always a great side benefit.


And another benefit of scheduled meals is that when you feed the dog twice a day, then you have to scoop twice a day, if the dogs have free access to the food, then the "surprise" can come at any minute.

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Your dog is trying to bury it, maybe wants to eat it later.

I had a dog that did the same thing, she would try and bury her food in a rug.

She pushed her bowl around the kitchen just like yours did.

She wasn't an aggressive eater till I started adding things at a young age of 1 year old.


I too, was told not to add things, only give kibble and take it up after 15 minutes.

Heck with that, I wanted my dog to lavishly enjoy eating......I do

We started adding "good" tasting foods, chicken, beef, fish, liver, veggies, left over gravy etc.

She ate right away, She would lick her bowl dry every time.



Never had a problem till she was 17 years old and she started burying her dish in the rug again, she was just old and didn't always want to eat.


They'll be those that say, put it down for 15 minutes and if she doesn't eat it take it up, they will eat it when they're hungry.

Not me, I'm a softy and I like a good meal, why not my dog?


All dogs are different, some are great eaters, my current young dog will eat anything put in front of him. Yet I know some of his litter mates are picky.

My dogs now get 80% home cookin and just a little kibble and meaty raw bones twice a week.

I give more "real" food now because of health benefits, not because they're picky eaters.


Just not a fan of processed food for me, my family, or my dogs.

I do feed alittle , canidae, Blue Buffalo, and Evolve dry foods.

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It looks like when I free-fed Usher. Figured it didn't matter since he was the only dog here now. But it does. You want them on a regular scheduled so you know basically their bathroom breaks and control intake. I am NOT feeding raw yet. Nutro Max Natural Choice. The youngest I had die was 15, so I figure it's ok.

First of all I got a bowl that stuck to the floor- you can get them at petco or even the dollar store. I feed him at 11AM and 5PM- that's when I eat, so he gets his when I get mine- LOL. Works great for us. Hope it helps with you.


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