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Congrats!! Good girl Shadow.


Your right rosefarm, it is the little things that make life great :rolleyes:

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Yay for Shadow!!! Don't you just love how excited we get when a puppy FINALLY goes outside. You know if you give up they will go as soon as you get in, so you have no choice but to stay out there.


As for the cat poo. I have a baby gate up to keep my dogs out of the room where Rose has her litter box. Or you can try putting it up higher where she can't get to it. I have never met anyone who was able to completely train their dogs to leave it alone... mine don't touch it even though they know how to get the baby gate down (because they know they will be in trouble for taking down the gate) but I wouldn't leave them alone all day in the same room as it. Mine generally leave the garbage alone, a quick "no" gets them away from it if they look interested. The cat is my garbage strewn all over the house pet.

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We have 8 litter boxes, the one she got into was by the bathtub... after I had to give her her second bath (she likes to play in accident puddles.. ick) she got there before I could stand up. I roared NO! and she dropped it and gave me that "I didn't do it mommy!" sad puppy look. Ah well... dogs will be dogs I suppose.


Shes normally in the kitchen behind the kiddie gate, or in the living room with the doors closed, so she can't get to her "kitty snack boxes" shes just sneaky in the bathroom I guess!

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