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A re-introduction...

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Since I've lived in lurkdom for so long (drawn out by duck posts), I suppose I should re-introduce myself.


I live in NW Washington state, on a funny little island full of sheep and BC's. My own flock runs about 100 head usually, cross-bred commercial ewes, and a growing number of registered Cotswolds. Last fall, I gave up my old dog to a non-working home, which he really needed, and got a new BC: Nick, who just turned 3. He's a blue-and-white, which really means he's mud-brown. Most food-motivated BC I've ever met... lives for his sheep & pestering my other dog, Lu, the shepherd mutt. Lu wants nothing to do with livestock, except for eating poop... :rolleyes: She's pretty certain that all BC's are obsessive weirdos...


Then there's the horses, goats, ducks, and the world's most pampered flock of chickens... the chickens are my partner's thing. He loves them- I love him- it all works out :D


Despite the fact that I've been lurking for a long time, I'm officially a Woo fan... In fact, I had a brief thought of painting Nick orange. He wants to be Woo for Halloween... :D

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Welcome to the boards.


Is there a Mr. Woo halloween costume? That would be awesome :rolleyes:

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