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Some Success?!

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It appears that Maggie and the new housemate's dog are getting along well. They can be left together while someone's home and I'm out and coexist nicely in my room even. Maggie has been doing some growling in an attempt to guard me, but we're working on that and it's getting better. Pretty good for less than 24 hours I'd say.


Just thought I'd share the good news!

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Hopefully this won't jinx everything, but we're doing better on being quiet in the crate now too - today I've been working on it while my housemate was out and we're up to 30 mins w/o a peep from about 1 min. Seems she has been getting reinforced for barking somehow and w/ a few well placed 'no's she's settled down nicely.


Tomorrow my mom will be here to ease the transition while I'm at work, then Maggie'll be on her own for Tuesday. Keep the good vibes coming!

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