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Totally OT!: Pics of my foster baby elephant

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After the rescueBaby Kilgoris

Still pink in places



I hope these pics show up.... Little Kilgoris was washed down river in a flood, away from his mother and herd> he ended up being cared for by a Masai farmer who contacted the elephant orphanage in Nairobi, and he was airlifted there.


I'll get updates and pics - and can even go to visit him! :rolleyes:


So far he's doing well and has started to play with the other babies...

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Cutest. animal. ever.



I have always wanted my very own baby elephant. Look at his precious little foot...! Look at that dear little face...! thud-1.gif A friend of mine (a rabbi, as it happens) says that he has a reliable test of human goodness: a person who likes elephants (the rabbi says) is a good person.


Elizabeth, you are a Very Good Person.


Link to more photos of Kilgoris: http://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/asp/...ofile.asp?N=167

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Luisa!! Thank you so very much! I just couldn't figure it out with the photos - isn't he an absolute sweetie... you have really made my day. Thanks. And thank you for what you said also - I so needed to hear that today.


Imagine the problems there will be when he starts teething!!!!

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Good for you, Elizabeth - what a sweetie that little elephant is!

Too bad they don't stay small - but then everyone would want one, and that couldn't be good!!

My mother collected little elephant knick-knacks. My favorite was a pink glass one. She always said they were good luck.

I have always thought they were so cool - their 'family' type behavior. I think they are very intelligent animals.

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I've actually been to the Sheldrick animal orphanage in Kenya. It's rather cool. When I was there they had two baby rhinos (and by "baby" I mean about 400#, but still on their bottles.) No baby elephants, although they had two juvenile ones recovering from injury. Once at the Denver zoo I got to pet a low-birthweight baby black rhino (and low birthweight was 60# in her case). She'd been taken off the mom for failure to thrive and was being bottle-reared by the vets there. She was UNBELIEVABLY cute. Some of the vet students were down for some school-related thing (I forget now what it was) so of course we got the behind-the-scenes tour and were able to pet the baby. She was very dear and sweet, and quite fond of people, sine they were collectively her mommy. (Since she unfortunately had been born with a degenerative brain disease, her being bonded to people wasn't their biggest concern.) One thing they say they try to do at the Sheldrick foundation is NOT make the animals into pets, though obviously in order to care for them they have to be a little habituated to people. The ultimate goal is release, though that isn't always successful.


Anyway... very cool foster baby - and extremely adorable!

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