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    miniatures, reading - mysteries, science fiction/fantasy, old houses, cross stitch, playing with Bo.....<br />Currently in the midst of a complete home renovation!
  1. So very sorry for your loss - sending healing thoughts for you and yours.
  2. I would hope that showing the warden that Scooter's vaccinations were up to date will take care of any rabies question!! Please try not to second guess your decision. You absolutely made the right choice for the situation you both were in. Scooter is at peace now, and I hope that soon you will also be at peace with your choice. Please take care of yourselves -
  3. Condolences to you and your husband, may time bring peace and healing to you. It is sometimes an awful thing, that hind-sight is 20/20. There is no way you could have known that all the separate pieces you saw were really part of a larger puzzle - take solace in the good memories you carry.
  4. Sending healing thoughts and mojo to Lily, poor thing!
  5. Too funny! I especially like to read everyone's comments below the photo - sometimes there are some real gems in there!
  6. Sending all our best mojo to you and Ollie from Bo, Dozer and I in snowy NY. Rooting for Ollie to beat this, and get well!
  7. I don't think you need to disable the buttons at the bottom, either. People who have been sharing links via Facebook (or any of the other options) will continue, and those who haven't aren't going to jump in just because there's 'new' option..........IMHO I've had both Facebook and Twitter for awhile now, and I don't think I'm going to start rampantly posting links. I kind of like the look and options, and appreciate the effort.
  8. Not ridiculous at all! There is a reason Ozzie ended up in your yard.... You are good people.
  9. Too bad that he can't spend those 10 days in a crate, with limited excersize, lousy food, no fresh air, a mesh floor..........and, oh yeah - occasional visits from ...........well, I can't really say. *sigh*
  10. Goals: Finish the house - frame and complete the second floor, finish drywall and paint on first floor. Adjust to the concept of becoming a *gasp* mother-in-law next year help our oldest son get married continue working with block headed egg sucking hound Dozer and teach him some manners; spending more time with Bo take better care of myself, because I really am worth it! Dreams: turn my mud room (with real mud floor) into a 4 season room with fireplace and lot of windows *sigh* getting chickens getting as muc
  11. Bo will be 5 in August, and he only kinda sorta lifts his leg, occasionally, to pee. Most of the time he still squats. Dozer is pretty much the same, although I think he makes more of an attempt to lift leg than Bo does - Dozer is just about 1 year old, we think - Hubby thinks they aren't very macho, but I don't care!
  12. Two crates, one for each dog - in the dining room. Which has been fine because the dining room is nowhere near being finished! Easy to sweep up. I dream of having a proper mud room or 3 season room, where the crates could be during all but the coldest monthes - but Bo will be 5 in August, by the time I get anyplace like that to put crates, he'll be sleeping in our room - Dozer was supposed to end up in my son's room, but that isn't done yet either. So they are in the 'dining' room. They like their crates - because I can't trust Dozer yet he is in there whenever we are not home, and ove
  13. Sending hugs to you - so sorry for your loss. Poor kitties! At least it seems they did not suffer -
  14. Aside from any legal aspect that may apply to changing the name to "Companion animals", I think the NRA's (and others) objection to the term is that it is an attempt to "humanize" the relationship. Rather than calling them 'working dogs' or 'hunting dogs', which can convey more of a stock type relationship, calling them 'companion animals' paves the way to enact more legislation to "protect our companions"..........it is just a turn of phrase meant to instill in the general public that these animals are "companions" not just work partners. (This is not to say that for many of us, that is th
  15. Great news!!! so happy that all has ended well -
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