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Remember Mel?

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Here he is working sheep for the first time a couple weeks ago! (Finally downloaded some pics from the camera, )


Karen's working him.



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How cool is that. :rolleyes: Thank you again for giving this guy a chance.


For those of you who don't remember Mel, he was one of our rescues. Although he'd done fine in multi-dog foster households, once he was the only dog in his adoptive home he became quite the resource-guarder, ultimately biting a neighbor's child (who wasn't injured, thankfully). We had come to the difficult decision that unless an experienced home could be found for him, Mel would have to be destroyed. Becca came to his rescue. :D


Becca - Sarah would be so thrilled to see this picture. I think I'll email her this link.

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Mel is still doing very good - doing little outruns and is learning flanks on command, etc. He's SUCH a nice boy. I can't decide whether I like him or Eddie best of everyone with us right now. Eddie's actually here so he's my current fav. Eddie is so easy to work, too - it's hard to believe he came here because he just had no idea about listening to people.


I've got to post pics of our newest boy Indy, maybe next week. He's the biggest Border Collie I've ever seen in my life, and I've seen some big ones!

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