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:rolleyes: so here is somehting else I am puzzled with...Louie just barks at somehting. I have to laugh because either it is his own reflection or a ghost??? is thsi a poltergiest puppy or what? :D I believe BC are very sound sensitive however in the house it will be dark and all of a sudden he will just strat barking. I view everything normal - am I correct? I know he is not seeing any aberrations but possibly shaows? weird sounds?


so what do you all think??

Thanks again,

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When we first moved here, Speedy used to always bark facing the south. We finally figured out that he was hearing his echo against the house next door and was barking in response to it!


I know that doesn't help, but the point is that there might be something that you don't perceive that's setting off the barking.

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How can you stop a dog from barking at other dogs?


That's a real problem when we attend any agility event. As soon as a dog starts the course, Troy will start barking like crazy and I can't stop him, even with treats or toys.





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