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A proud Mom!!!

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I'm so proud of Birdie!! I took her to the nursing home with me today (we volunteer once a week) and she was sooo good and let them pet her and sat like a good girl! She's 16 months old.

She even danced when they were playing happy birthday to a lady that is 100! every one clapped for her!! I love this Border!!!

Why didn't I take a pic or her and the 100 year old lady? I will tomorrow!!!

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Im so jealous. I'd love to get Riven into nursing homes or hospitals. I was in a severe car accident a few years ago. I was on the rebilitation floor to learn how to walk again, and there was a golden retriever that came in. I put my hand down and she stood on her back feet and laid her head on my shoulder and let me pet her. Almost brings me to tears thinking of it. The lady said she had never done that before. That dog made my day. I'd love to be able to do that for someone. I think its great you are making a difference with Birdie. Take pictures next time!! lol :rolleyes:

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That is so cool, Sorienew! I hope I get to meet this wonderful girl of yours sometime soon!


I will email you next week, when I will have some free time and maybe we can get them to meet in Arvada somewhere.



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Congrats for you and your dog being able to bring smiles to those faces!


I'd love to get Riven into nursing homes or hospitals.
There are multiple organizations that train and register therapy dogs, including Therapy Dogs International and Therapy Dogs Inc.


Some offer training that involves an evaluation of the dog/handler's basic obedience and suitability, followed by classes and on-site visits with a supervisor, before a dog can be "passed" and the paperwork made available to the handler for registration (which is renewed annually and includes appropriate insurance).


Other groups offer shorter training periods (maybe even as short as one day or a weekend) but I like the longer, more inclusive training. I think it is particularly beneficial to be able to make site visits to a variety of nursing homes, rehabs, etc., as well as to do training in a class setting.

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That is wonderful!! I bet her dancing was a hit. I'm training with one of my dogs right now to be a therapy dog (we have class tonight), and I really hope we are able to do it. Do you go through an organization/team or are you an independent volunteer?



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That's a good question, Sorienew. What you probably should do is google on Therapy Dogs International and Therapy Dogs Inc., and find their lists of instructors and contact someone listed who is in your area.


There are other groups (Delta Society, maybe?) but these two above are ones I am more or less familiar with. My dogs are trained through and registered with Therapy Dogs Inc. I really think they provide a good, safe, quality program and would recommend them based on what I've experienced here.


Doing it independently is nice but being trained by someone with experience is beneficial for both you and your dog. It prepares you for a number of situations and interacting with people with differing needs and conditions.


In addition, as a registered team with TDInc., you would be covered by their liability insurance during visits to facilities (the specifics of that should be found on their website). That in itself is a great value to being a registered team.


In our area, therapy dogs are able to visit the children's hospital but one additional requirement is that they have a throat culture done by the vet prior to beginning visits (and at some interval, I expect). I don't know if that's particular to this hospital or is a TDInc. policy as I haven't participated in visits there yet.


Just for your information, it costs $80 here for the evaluation, classes, and supervised visitation. If you and your dog are approved as a team, it costs $20 or so annually to maintain your registration (and the insurance coverage) for the first dog and a bit less for any additional dogs that you have taken the course and passed with.


For TDInc., I believe, you can be registered with multiple dogs but can only take one dog at a time into a facility for visitation. Other organizations may have differing guidelines for visits, higher or lower fees, and various insurance coverages. With my slow dial-up, I'll leave checking on the specifics to you!


Best wishes!

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