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  1. Birdie had high number on her kidney test but after putting her on Hill's k/d diet dry food they have come back to normal. I'm wondering if I should keep her on this food or go back to her senior I was feeding before. She was doing fine on it. We think (Vet and I) that the kidney problem was from some bad teeth he pulled. He says he would keep her on this food. I'm not sure she needs it. wondering if he's not just trying to sell it!! He is a great vet and had no problems with him in the past. What would you do?? Thank you
  2. Just was told the Birdie's #'s on her kidneys are high went from 24 to 34 in 3 months. He wants to put on different food and pills or both. What do you folks do for your dog with kidney problems? Thank you.
  3. Well we used the thunder shirt (after the 4th) but lots of loud ones going off. It works great. I really never expected it to. But she wasn't even shaking after the second day of getting used to it. I'm so grateful not having to drug her anymore. But will keep them on hand just in case! Thanks all I hope all your doggies survived the 4th ok.
  4. Thanks for your feed back. You've all been very helpful. I thought I was just being over sensitive!! Birdie has the shirt on as we speak as there is a storm with loud thunder. Poor girl she can't win. I don't think the shirt is helping but this is the first time I've used it. DH thought she needed it after watching her eyes 2 nights in a row with fireworks. I'm going to put the shirt on her tonight again (when the fireworks start and they will) and I'm going to go ahead and give her the calming drug (its all natural) I've given her for a long time. I don't think it will be to much. I'll be watching close. She's not much of a hugger either! It really seems to help.
  5. My 13 YO BC is afraid of both! what do you do for your dog to help keep the calm during both. It may seem to late to ask about fireworks but they go on in our town for a week later. UHG!!!!! Thank you.
  6. Anyone suggest a good web sight for this or have any suggestions. Birdie is 12 now and is having issues with her hips. She's had it for yrs. Vet did put her on Vetprofen it does help. I was just hoping I could help her more w/o giving more meds. Hope all of you are having a nice holiday. Thank you!
  7. The fish oil is really helping. Almost all dry skin is gone. Started taking Jan 9th! We've been brushing every day. I'm so relieved. Thanks for reading and for your help and suggestions.
  8. Wow. I so agree with everyone else. What a beautiful story and dog! thank you for sharing it. I have a lot of respect for service dogs now even more.
  9. Maralynn what a neat photographer you are. You also knit beautifully. I didn't know you could knit so many different things. Went to your blog!!! TFS it with us. Sorry to get off topic!!!
  10. Thank you folks for the feed back. The Fish oil I got from the vet has Vit E Vit D3 Vit A First ingredient is fish oil. Brand is Henry Schein 60 caps were $12.50
  11. Thanks all of you. I did call the vet he sold me some fish oil tabs with E and other stuff in it too. Says it can take 3+ weeks before we see any change. I sure hope it helps poor girl!! She is hypo throid Thanks again for your quick replies.
  12. Is the fish oil or salmon oil in pill form?? Where do you get it? She weighs 42# Thanks for replying so quickly. Just told DH probably wasn't a good idea to give bath.
  13. Birdie has a thyroid problem that she has been on meds for 5 weeks now. Her skin was dry and flaking some but all the sudden today I've found bad scaly skin. Any suggestions what to do? It wasn't that bad when I had her to the vet Dec 28th. Going to give her a bath today with oatmeal soap. Will try to rub olive oil into her skin. She isn't scratching or acts like its bothering her. We live in NE Ok. Thanks
  14. What does this mean? Had Birdie at the vet for blood work and teeth cleaning and he said she had low white blood cells. He wasn't sure why or what is causing it. He's going to call a specialist and do some research. All other blood work was fine. Wants her back in 3 wks. for another check. She is on Vetprofen for her hip dysplasia. Anyone here have a Border with this problem if it is? Thanks.
  15. Oh sorry. It's always the right front leg! limps more after laying down for quite a while. Funny she is always better in the evening after her meal. That has always been her play time. It's like she forgets she hurts. We go out to play (not much now) ball for a few min. She's not limping. But comes in lays down and when she get up she limps. I've been making her stay calmer (tried too) No more jumping on or off the bed or in the truck or car ect. I'll wait till the GC takes affect again and go from there. She has spent yrs. jumping like everyones BC so I'm sure it has something to do with it. Are there any new drugs besides Remidyl to give? I don't like the side affects but do give her one now and again in the am if she gets up limping bad. Thanks for your help.
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