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We went herding - still doing the happy dance...

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This morning, Krisk and her two, Jazz and Cricket and me and my Lokiman went for our first herding lesson.

Poor Loki, when he saw Krisk and her red car, his ears went down and I'm sure he was thinking "Oh, No, I'm being rehomed again" He'll be much happier to see her next Sat.

Dan Tulloch was wonderful. We all got lessons on how to behave civilly before we went in the round pen.

Loki was on fire, taking on all the sheep and running at their heads. He'd separate one off and play keep away with it. He showed tons of "eye" and wanted to stick to the ground and watch sheep. We had to work at keeping him moving but he showed lots of natural balance.

We also worked in a big corral and he did very well moving the sheep around and staying on the far side of them. He was far too interested in the horses in the field. His little puppy attention span is kinda short.

I was pleased, he had tons of fun and he kept darting glances at me to look for cues as to what I wanted him to do.

He should be tired but he's been in hyperdrive since we got home. He'll have wonderful sheepy dreams tonight.

I didn't ride any sheep and I got run over a few times. I can't wait to do it again.

No pics til next week. It was too drizzly rainy and we were kept very busy by dogs and sheep and nosy horses.

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I'll second Jo...I'm still doing the happy dance too Jazz, who is 7 already had been trained by me to leave everything alone. at first wasn't actually sure it was okay to move these beasts around. He is very soft, which Dan noticed immediately so he adjusted his techique with Jazz right away. Cricket, who is fear aggressive, did surprisingly well. I think learning to herd is going to be very good for her. She was very polite with Dan...and only barked at Jo everytime she got back in the car :rolleyes: However, by the time we got Jo & Loki home, Cricket was giving Jo her 'smiley face' Things are looking up in many ways


Both Jazz and Cricket did better in a larger area - thankfully ignoring the horses completely. I'm really looking forward to our next lesson...and pleased as punch that Dan the trainer doesn't think we're totally out of our minds :D {Edited to add....that would be me and Jazz and Cricket...not Jo and Loki} :D

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I am glad to hear that they all did so well! A trained-to-be-calm dog, a fear-aggressive dog, and a deaf dog - the best dogs in the world! :D You guys are great for doing it with them! I can't wait to hear about all the progress they are going to make by doing herding!


Good luck at the next lesson - make sure you get pics then. :rolleyes:

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