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Stupid ...and a breeder, too!

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I met this woman tonight who breeds Aussiesandmini aussies. I got into a mild discussion about Border Collies. She mentioned that she's gone to the fair grounds for the shows where they exhibit a lot of BCs doing tricks,agility and whatnot, and just when I was prepped to agree how awesome those dogs were, she cuts in with:


"They used to be so pretty, but now they're starting to look real funny, all long legged and lanky, and not marked the same..."


I cut back with:


"Well, I believe they're not focussing their breeding on looksas much as they are ability to work."


She then went on to say she didn't find BCs becoming very intelligent asa result, and illustrated an occassion where a young BC was being worked on sheep and went at a sheep "with blood in it's eyes" and the handler had trouble getting him off the sheep it was attacking.


I shut off arguing at this point, and turned attentions back to her own work with her dogs. Though having obviously owned/bred mini aussies for years and years, she has too many litters than she can handle, she obviously breeds for color, and she doesn't even work her dogs in anything...


I left this discussion rather disturbed. I honestly felt this woman had some sort of small puppy mill thing going on...it really bothered me to hear her talk about keeping 9 puppies in the garage cause there was no room in the house, all the older pups and dogs are outside in kennels all the time, and she just doesn't know whats going to happen with the new litter arriving in a couple weeks.....Gyah!!!

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Jeeze! And she said the border collies will become stupid? I'd put Jackson up against her any day! SA, she is so lucky she didn't come up against my mouth! LOL I believe you are correct in thinking she is running a puppy mill. What else could you call it?

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