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Meg swims! and has her first obsession.

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We've had a very full day. We went to Flaming Geyser Park along the Cedar River and took her off leash on a trail along a side creek. We tossed sticks at increasing distances into the shallows until Meg dove in over her head. She swam beautifully!!!! We had lots of guests over including a three year old and they fell in love with one another, almost as if they were speaking their own language. But when Dave filled the kiddie pool she started prancing and pouncing and biting the water as she had several weeks ago. Its the only thing I've ever seen her do by herself to the exclusion of bluestreak burning of energy or chasing demons.



We figured out she has is pouncing on her own reflection and completely obsessed by it.

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Sounds like fun!


Dazzle loves the water as well but still won't swim. Every now and then she goes after a stick and kind of falls in and has no choice but other then that she like her paws to touch the bottom!

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Hurrah Meg! That is just how we got Hoku to swim, and now we can't keep him outta the water! With a pond, pool, and creek, the wetting possibilities are endless.... Now if the skunk smell would just go away...

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