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Vaccines received warm to touch; safe to use?


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A few weeks ago I ordered a packet of 25 "Duramune Max 5" vaccines for my puppies from Agri-Med (http://www.agri-med.com/). While transit time in shipping was only 2 days and they were packed in a styrofoam box with ice packs, when received the vaccines and the ice packs were quite warm to touch (I estimate about 90 degrees). I sent a couple of emails to Agri-Med asking about whether it was safe to use these vaccines but the emails were not answered.


Finally, I also called Agri-Med and I was assured, verbally, that the vaccines were safe to use.


It is hard to understand how the vaccines could have become so warm in only 2 days transit time.


Any experience and/or opinions would be appreciated.

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Here you go; that vaccine is made by Fort Dodge. Call them and ask if it is safe to use.


Animal Health Products

If you have any questions or comments about Fort Dodge Animal products, please call us at 1-800-685-5656.

If they say no, then tell Fort Dodge what their distributer, Agri-Med, told you. Taking this tact should yield free replacment by Agri-Med if Fort Dodge says not to use it.



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I can tell you from personal expericnec as a drug rep for a pharmicutical co, that thos vaccines are tested at high tempratures and are most Likley still good. But I wouldn't use them That being said I would ask for, and expect, to get your money back or new vaccines. There is no excuse for it arriving hot, even in hot weather. when I worked for a Veetrinary distributor, I used to sell vaccicns in my terrritory ,Arizona all of it. Inadequate packaging was almost never the issue it was usualy the carrier who delivered it. I would report it to your delivery carrier, and the distributor. I knew the name of every driver for UPS, Fed Ex and Airborn on the routes that were constantly a problem for my clients. So don't put up with Hot Vaccines, they can and should arrive cold, at the very least cool.

Andrea D.

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Thanks for all the advice, especially how to get in touch with the Mfg.


It is a puzzlement as to how they got so warm. They were shipped in a styrofoam cooler, sealed with tape. Transit time was only 2 days. I have seen styrofoam coolers keep ordinary ice for a few days in warm weather.


In all fairness, the Agri-Med rep offered to take them back. That is most likely what we will do and just get a refund. The shots can be obtained locally from a Farmer's Coop -- which is what I should have done in the first place.



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