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Mosquito bites!


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Oh the summer fun in Alaska! The mosquitoes are really bad this year and as I am getting bitten myself towards insanity, I am wondering if I should take precautions with Tuuli. She is definitely getting bitten, but should I be concerned about her wellbeing? I.e. her snout is full of tiny mosquito bumps.


Anybody else have experience with this?


Tuuli, Eeva and Jaime

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There is a product out there that repels mosquitoes along with fleas and ticks, I am not sure whether it is Advantix or Revolution or both. Also, you might look into a product called Bug-off-Garlic. It repels all sorts ofinsects and other parasites, and helps boost other healthy body systems.

There are blood-borne diseases that mosquitoes can carry, but I am not sure which may or may not be in your area. Sorry I cant be of more help, you might call your vet though. Good luck!


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Funny I should read this now, my parents are up north right now outside Denali near Talkeetna and my mom called in a panic last night. One of her dogs was bitten badly by the mosquito's and her eyes were swollen shut, etc...and they didn't have any benedryl. Anyways, I forgot about the original thread-I'm going to share that with them.


I heard the bugs were really bad up north this year Tuuli, they're not that bad (yet) here in SE Alaska.

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