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  1. I have a 10 month old boy right now, learning to crawl and learning to throw the ball for Piper. I haven't forgotten our BC Piper, we still go on daily walks and she still gets lots of attention and is still my first child. As for trying to conceive...well I have no advice, we were lucky, at 34 it took us 3 weeks of trying and ta-da...I was pregnant! (my husband was hoping for more practice) . Thank god for effective birth control all those years! However, there are a lot of resources out there on fertility. We're now talking about child #3 (Piper was first, baby boy was se
  2. Our BC got my husband into Search and Rescue-Piper is a certified SAR dog. Me...I'm like Allie above, I walked, hiked, etc before I got Piper and now that we have her she keeps me company on my outing's. I still throw like a girl...thank goodness for the chuckit!
  3. I've never been on the same level as Piper...I've always been the mamma dog . I giveth and I can taketh away... As for the OP question, Piper has always had that crouch when playing and she's never been around sheep or anything like that...so maybe it's natural for them to do that....not an expert here tho.
  4. Like the above poster, I can't believe I'm posting a reply to this topic. I've been away from the boards from awhile, since I had a baby in October, and I take a peek every now and then and this topic (sorry, but it does) cracks me up. I've never given it much thought. I consider myself to be fairly modest but again have never given it a thought if my animals saw me naked...and I have a cat that sits in my tub while I shower and when I go to the bathroom Piper comes in and licks my leg sometimes. When I was pregnant and be out on walks I would have to go at least once and Piper (off-lea
  5. Hey all-I've been lurking on this topic. I usually don't have much to say on topic's like this because I know there are a bunch of you out there (Rebecca, Vicki, etc that will usually respond a lot better than I can and have a lot mroe experience than I do-please keep up your postings when these topic's arise).
  6. Funny I should read this now, my parents are up north right now outside Denali near Talkeetna and my mom called in a panic last night. One of her dogs was bitten badly by the mosquito's and her eyes were swollen shut, etc...and they didn't have any benedryl. Anyways, I forgot about the original thread-I'm going to share that with them. I heard the bugs were really bad up north this year Tuuli, they're not that bad (yet) here in SE Alaska.
  7. Hey, chiming is here. Most canned salmon is wild and is pink salmon...not a salmon I would eat myself if you paid me, but one dogs/cats love... Also, just on my soapbox, eating wild salmon IS better for you, and it also supports the fishermen who caught it, farmed salmon I've heard can be high in mercury (or lead) and isn't any better for you than eating steak (I think someone wrote that above). I like salmon and luckily I live in an area where I never have to buy it, but I also NEVER order it in a restaurant unless I know for sure it is wild and even then I question it. If you like
  8. I'll let someone else answer that one, but I was told usually that when a puppy licks an older dogs mouth that they (the puppy) is showing respect. Who really knows...
  9. Hi Kristen, Piper did that as a puppy, but not too much, but enough for the older dog to say "that's enough". However, that is how Piper gets other dogs to play with her, she nips at their back legs and shoves her butt in their face. I usually just let it go. When she was a puppy and I could sense that the older dog was getting annoyed I would usually distract her with something else. Another fun thingto watch for is your pup licking the other/older dogs mouth, that is her way of saying you have my respect, I'm not worthy, I want to learn from you. Once I learned what that behavior w
  10. This is a great thing to teach your dog to do. How I did it was put Piper in a down/stay, walk away 30+ feet and then call her to me, we did this a couple of times and then put her in another down/stay, half way to me I said "DOWN" (like I mean't it) and used handsignals. I don't use a clicker but rather hand signals because you (a dog) can see hand signals a field length away but not always a clicker. The first time, she went down and then oozed towards me, but the other times she did it, she did it right, no ooozing. I was pretty proud of myself, because usually it is the husban
  11. Ya know Ruth-that is exactly where she is looking, is the joint. We've wondering if she has pulled a tendon or something. I'll poke around some more tonight though...
  12. I don't know the clinical definition, but my definition is a spot that a dog licks, licks and licks until it is raw...usually out of boredom. Well, thanks for the replies...I'll try and answer them. No ticks where I live, or anything like that. We've checked her paws too and nothing is in between the pads or anything. I did think about allergies, but there isn't any other signs, like weeping eyes, scratching etc. Oh and it happens in the middle of the night, not even early morning, because it now starts getting light around 5 a.m., so it is before then. She definitely gets a
  13. Hiya, First, like a good BC Board member I did use the search function on this topic but couldn't really find anything specific to my concern. The last two nights we've woken up to Piper licking the top of her front right paw, lick, lick, lick, lick. We've checked the paw and can't find anything wrong with it...so now am convinvced I am a bad mom. She didn't get that much of a walk on Tuesday, but last night she had a great hike for almost 2 hours after work and was tired last night...but again the licking. Can hotspots start that soon? Is it a hotspot? It is the only place sh
  14. Hello. My name is Roz and I don't know what Rally-O is... :eek:
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