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Eye infection?


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Things like this always happen around holiday when the vets are about to close.


I noticed Jazzy had a watery eye (just one side) this morning. I tried to keep it clean with gauze. It was clear fluid and she wasn't scratching or anything so I wasn't too worried - thought maybe something got in her eye. Now there is still some fluid, it's getting more solid and a little bit greenish. It still doesn't look like it bothers her. I don't think it's critical to go to emergency at this point. I'd like to clean it somehow better than just gauze and clean water. Is there anything I can use for humans? Thanks for your input.

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INU, how is Jazzy's eye this morning? I don't have any wisdom to offer, except to say if it seems worse, or even not getting any better, that this is something I wouldn't put off till Monday. I'd take her to the emergency vet today.


Hope it was nothing, and that your girl is just fine today - Merry Christmas!



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