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bowel obstruction

Barb Scott

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Our 2 and 1/2 year old BC Zip had emergency surgery this morning to remove a wing from a plush Zaney duck from his large intestine. We're thinking he swallowed it several weeks ago and he was fine until Thursday night when he started to vomit. Because so much of his intestine was damaged, our vet didn't want to try a re-section so right now Zip's on antibiotics (he also got cortisone this morning after surgery for the inflamation) and we're praying for the best. If peritonitis sets in, a lot of his large instestine will have to be removed. Please keep Zip in your thoughts. Thanks.

Barb S

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Sure will keep Zip in my thoughts. Back in July I had my Tam dog operated on after 3 weeks of messing around. Three weeks and 3 vets later, after he had gone downhill and his coat was just hanging off him, he went into surgery and had the obstruction removed----a third of a small solid rubber ball---along with 18 inches of necrotic bowel. If I'd have waited too much longer, I probably would have lost him.


He is doing remarkably well. The only difference I can see is that this dog can no longer tolerate most kibble, so he is almost totally raw fed.


You're lucky you got him in there when you did.


I'm sure all will be well.-------Man! what these guys don't consider fair game to swallow!


Keep us posted, please.



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