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Allergic to fleas


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This household doesn't usually get fleas - we see one or two during the summers, maybe. The only time we had a flea outbreak was when we first got our first cat, he was our only pet. He managed to bring home a flea infestation from the vet.


In any case, this is apparently a very good year for fleas (and a bad year for us), and we've gotten hit. The pets are all scratching.


But Oreo... oh my poor baby. It seems she is apparently allergic to them. She's had a very strong, negative reaction... not only is she scratching constantly, her skin is all red and rashy. She's been to the vet, they put her on antibiotics because she got an infection from the scratching. ALL the pets are on Advantage to hopefully kill the fleas ASAP.


So, is there anything more I can do for Oreo? We actually bathed her twice in the past week, because she rolled in something nasty (ugh, ugh) (Before we put on the advantage). Her fur feels better, not sure it did anything to help with the fleas though. And I know bathing too often can actually dry out their skin.


Any other suggestions? I feel so bad for her. :rolleyes:

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Maybe you could try some cortisone spray? It's good for hot spots and irritate/red spots caused by several things, including flea bites. I got some when my BC mix Betty's harness rubbed a little red spot under one of her front legs, and it helped a lot with the itching and discomfort.


Or maybe you could try an oatmeal bath? They work really well for soothing certain skin conditions in people and general skin irritation and itching, so maybe they would work for a dog too.


If it's really bad, maybe you can see if your vet can prescribe you a topical ointment to apply.

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I am sorry I haven't looked this up but I am pretty sure Frontline is a different chemical from Advantage. You can use Advantage on rabbits but not Frontline.


Also, I use Frontline Plus - it not only kills fleas and ticks, but it also prevents eggs from being viable, I believe.


I feel so sorry for Oreo - she must be miserable. Good luck in taking care of this problem.

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