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Eye gunk.


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I've made an appointment with the vet on this for later today. But I'm curious if you guys have dogs with eye gunk? Ya know, the gunky stuff that comes out of their eyes?


When we first got Buddy, he had lots of it and the vet said it was an infection - gave us some ointment for the eyes. That cleared it up pretty fast. After that, he would only get eye gunk on windy days or nights where he didn't seem to get a good night's rest.


Since we got the puppy he's had LOTS of it. I thought it was because of the interupted sleep at night with puppy getting up all the time. Well, yesterday - his left eye had NASTY green, pussy eye gunk that was oozing. Usually it's just black and there is a little of it right in the corner and it's hard. This was nasty. I cleaned off his eye right away. I used a warm rag and wiped it down. He seemed to like it...made him relax. I coudn't see anything in the eye or around it. But about 3 hours later (that night) I noticed more gunk and sat down with him under a bright light. I found a small bump about 3mm from his lower eye lid. It's only about 2mm big...red and swollen. It doesn't seem to hurt him. I'm hoping this is the cause of the gunk.


In truth, I would not be surprised if Devil Dog the wonder Puppy got his eye with her teeth. When they play, Buddy allows her to chew on his neck. He will play fight back when she gets to the face so I wonder if she caught him yesterday and it's been bugging him. this morning on his walk he didn't want the Gentle Leader on him, so it must be bugging him.


We will have the vet take care of that today...but I was wondering about normal day to day eye gunk. Do you have it? When do you get it? Do you worry about it?



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Finn gets a fair amount because his eye is fairly deep-set (Buddy, with a more prominant eye, gets less.) However, the green discharge is an indicator to seek medical attention.


Things to know about eye discharge:

1. Any deviation from what you usually see is worthy of attention (at least yours, possibly the vet's).

2. Assymetry (one eye does not look like the other) suggests local diesase (one eye involved). Symmetrical disease (both eyes involved the same amount and with the same onset) suggests systemic disease.

3. Colored discharge - green or yellow - needs attention. WASH YOUR HANDS after handling these eyes, since some of these may be contagious to people or other animals, or the non-affected eye.

4. Watery/clear discharge may also need attention, especially if it's accompanied by swelling, squinting, rubbing or other signs (like persistent sneezing, for example).

5. Redness of the white part of the eye or cloudiness of the clear part of the eye (or any other visible change to the eye or eyelid's appearance) needs attention.

6. Anything persistant or pregressive needs attention.

7. As always, if in doubt, see the vet.


That's all largely common sense, which you have in abundance, but that's my thumbnail outline of eye boogers. In general I prefer not to mess around when there's an eye involved - partly because they hurt, and partly because you hate to lose an eye. Mostly these things are small potatoes and clear right up with minimal trouble, but I tend to be overcautious with my re-checks. Luckily we have a top-flight veterinary eye specialist in Anchorage who can handle all the unusual or scary stuff.

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Spike kept on coming down with green gunky eyes in the first few months. My vet gave me Fucithalmic ointment for it & it eventually stopped coming back. He does seem to produce quite a lot of normal-coloured eye snot and sometimes has red eyes in the evenings, though they're always fine by the next morning. I told the vet and she said it was likely a mild allergic reaction.


L & S xxx

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When I was raising two youngsters together, I had recurring problems with "eye infections"...white/yellow goo and discharge from the eyes. At first, I ran repeatedly to the vet, got charged $$ and was sent home with antibiotic ointment. Finally, one vet asked if the dogs were playing alot...rolling around in the dirt in their rough housing....yes, of course. She suggested I buy over the counter opthalmic ointment from the drug store and see how it worked...likely the dogs were getting lots of dirt and debris in their eyes from all their hyjinks, causing irritation and low grade infection...the ointment would help lubricate the eyes and flush the dirt out.


Overall, it worked quite well and the eye infections were significantly reduced.


If the eye goo is really thick and ugly and off color, you really should see a vet to treat infection.

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