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  1. When my Cody was that age he was so full of energy no matter what I did. Some one here once said they had a rescue that never learned it was ok to relax. After I read that I began to teach Cody to take time and relax. He had quiet time in his crate for short bits of time and usually he would fall right to sleep. Today he is 2 1/2 years old and can now enjoy quiet time on his own or when I tell him to go lay down. Yes, there are still times when the zoomies set in but I think learning how to relax was extremely helpful.
  2. I agree with what has been said...baby steps and lots of treats in the crate to make it a nice place. Don't give up! My pup, Cody, was used to being outside all the time and on his own. When I got him at 16 weeks he cried in the crate and shredded anything I put in. I remember sleeping next to the crate with my fingers inside. Ha. He is now almost two (Feb. 14th) and loves his crate. He doesn't mind it at all! In fact, when he sees me prepare his kongs and treat balls he goes straight to his crate knowing the treats are coming. And for bedding...we still can't put anything in but he doesn't seem to mind.
  3. My Cody did this as a puppy and is still interested in cars when we walk along roads. I stopped walking near roads for a long time and just walked along paths. We worked on downs or watch me as we walked. As he became more reliable I started walking along a road with a few cars. As the cars approached I had him "down". That is still what we do. Fortunately he hasn't taken off after a car in the last year and I can now play ball or frisbee within sight of a road. I had to really hunt for places that we could play that was not in sight or near a road. I would recommend not walking along a road if possible and work on training. Hopefully with maturity and training you can get this in control. There are other posts that discuss this that may have better or more information. Good Luck! Jill
  4. My pup Cody did this when he was younger. I did what Barb just suggested. When playing fetch if he came close I would touch his head or collar then throw the ball. After that I started putting the leash on and walk around a bit then take it off. He seems to be over it now thank goodness.
  5. At the park if I don't have a toy then he always finds someone who does. Ha. His general behavior there without toys is alright. He will respond but not as consistantly as he would. I know this is something we still need to work on. I have tried working on focus in class...using a treat to try and lure him into watching me instead of the other dogs. It doesn't work if a dog is going over the obstacles especially the A-frame. Ha. So we have been going outside where he sits or lays very relaxed on the side walk while I watch what I'm suppose to do through the window. I need to get better at reading lips. Ha. I have been wondering if perhaps it has something to do with being indoors versus being outdoors.
  6. I appreciate all the replies. I enjoy this board because I'm never alone in my problems even though it feels like it some times. Ha. Distractability has also been an issue. We've taken obedience and work on focus what seems like constantly. He's improved a lot but there is something about the agility. I take him to stores and walk along the sidewalk or sit outside Starbucks and he is really ok. He can now do "watch" when a car passes. We go to the dog park and he is so focused on the ball or the frisbee he could care less about other dogs. We go to class and all he can focus on are the dogs. Ha. I think its stressful or over stimulating due to rapid breathing and he just drinks and drinks. Its nice to know others have experienced this as well and have gone on successfully. For now I guess we will take a break after this class and continue focus, obedience, and back yard agility practice.
  7. A while back I posted here about Cody nipping at my feet while doing agility. I think I still need advice or encouragement. Although we advanced to the advanced class I just don't feel like we are getting much out of it. Cody still runs around the room EVERY class. He still nips a little at my feet but now he jumps around me and barks between obstacles. When I put him in a down to settle his breathing is labored from excitment (stress) I guess. He can hardly stand to watch the other dogs take their turns...he is at full attention, focused on them completely, whines and barks so that I now take him out of the room. There he is calm. During this class there is only one other dog in the group. When a new dog does join he is focused on them. Cody can do the weave poles but in the last class he was so focused on the other dog he wouldn't pay attention to where he was going. I feel frustrated and wonder if I should take a break and let him mature more (he's 1 1/2 years old) or continue. He has beautiful contacts and I feel he knows the obstacles if he could just focus. At home he is not so bad. He is still focused on some distractions but not like in class. At home it seems to be more managable. My trainer feels its age and in his "genes" to behave this way. She thinks he has very strong herding instincts but that doesn't do me any good. I just want to have fun with my dog and let him have fun. So continue, take a break, or quit? Is this just to stressful for him? Jill
  8. Well, the vet put a stain in Cody's eye to help look for any thing that might be in there. She said a few dogs have come in with a grass seed that lodged under the third lid. Unfortunately she didn't see anything in Cody's eye. She gave us an antibiotic/steroid ointment to apply in the eye three times a day. It seems to be working and the eye has really cleared up...not completely but so much better. I'm sorry to hear that things aren't working so well for your dog.
  9. Yesterday I noticed a little drainage in one of Cody's eyes. I didn't think much of it. There was some drainage again this morning but not bad. I thought I would just keep an eye on it. I left for 4 hours and when I came back the drainage was really bad, his eye is very swollen, and the third eyelid looks red compared to the other. He's rubbed it a bit but really not rubbing it much. I have an appointment for tomorrow morning but I was wondering if dog's can get pink eye? That is what it reminds me of.
  10. Vicki, I'm sorry to hear things are not going well with Tam. I have no advice to offer but am thinking of you! I can only imagine how hard it must be...... Jill
  11. My old dog had an autoimmune disease that attacked the skin. He was getting puss filled blisters on his paws and open sores every where else. He went on steriods for a while then we weaned him off. After that it seemed to manage itself I guess as the open sores never did come back. It was a scary time. Good luck to you! Jill
  12. My old dog had one a long time ago on his paw. It was difficult to keep him from licking. As you know the more they lick the more it itches or becomes habit. We never had any special medicine or salves to put on it. I wrapped it in Vet Wrap so he couldn't get to it so easily. This plus just keeping an eye on him (which I could do at the time) seemed to work. If your dog bothers the bandage you could try a Bitter Apple spray on it. Good luck! Jill
  13. One thing Deanna mentioned was slowing down. I tried that last night and it was some what helpful. I'll also give the down command a try. Any suggestions on how to work on this at home? He doesn't do this with me at home...I guess I might need to run through the house more often. Ha.
  14. First, we just passed beginning agility! Yea! Our biggest issure right now, besides me, is Cody gets so excited. When he gets excited he starts to nip at my feet instead of paying attention. Any suggestions to break this habit?
  15. The place where we are taking aglitiy lessons uses a rubber flooring like on some playgrounds. Of course this is inside but again I've seen the same material on some playgrounds. In Charlotte the local school was a magnet for physically handicap and they used this on their playground so the wheel chairs to get around. It is large squares of the rubber that connect together. I'm not sure where you would find it though.
  16. At the very end of puppy kindergarden they did a fun day with simple things...sitting in a hula hoop, walking over bubble wrap, sit in a pool, walk through a big refrigerator box, and such. Cody wouldn't get in the kiddie wading pool, or go through the box. It took lots of treats and he finally did the box but never the wading pool. Ha.
  17. What would be a recommendation for starting a dog new to agility? The ladder? The buja board? The tunnel? How much does it matter or is it just giving the experience?
  18. I think a 40 minute session per week for 8 weeks...and private!...for the cost you mentioned is great! As previously mentioned the class is to train you too. You will need to work for 10-15 minutes daily with your pup in addition to the class. I think the suggestion for going to a club with other dogs is good but doesn't sound like an option for you right now. The benefit of having other dogs in your class is for socialization and also for learning to work around other distractions. Working with distractions is a big need for Cody and I. Ha. Good luck and enjoy!
  19. Your puppy sounds so much like my Cody. At six months he would ignore me completely. Even if I turned his head toward me he would roll his eyes away to stay focused on what interested him. Obedience class was not a good experience. He knew the commands but would not pay attention or listen worth a darn. With treats he would turn his head a bit to follow the treat but his eyes were always focused on the other dogs. Some times playing with the other puppies before hand helped. Also not feeding him ALL day made him more interested. We are repeating basic obedience now and he is a year. His attention is much better but not what it should be. I think for him maturing had a lot to do with it. We also practiced a lot on "watch me" at home before repeating obedience class. He still needs to be pretty hungry. We've had a few new dogs visit the class for "observing" I guess. He immediately knows who is new and is totally focused on them for the first half. As for pulling on the lead, he did that too. I was so frustrated with walking him. I tried the halti and he would just lower his center of gravity and pull. I tried the pinch collar and that was effective. I used it only a few times then went back to the halti. I learned too that I was not correcting well on the halti. As for walking backwards or off the normal track so that he would have to keep up with me and pay attentinon...that didn't work too well. We never made it any where. I'd start to walk and he'd pull...I'd walk backwards and he would return...I'd take one step forward and he'd pull immediately. The little devil knew when I would move forward and where we were headed. Ha. Time and continued practice are making it better. Like I said we are on the halti again and it is working better. I think maturity was a huge deal. Also working at home and slowly building up on distractions as was recommended by several here. Any way...sorry its so long but I can truly understand your frustration. Keep practicing! Jill
  20. I had a Jolly ball which is similar to the holey roller with the tennis ball inside. The jolly ball is made of a hard plastic though. The fact a second ball was inside drove my poor pup crazy! He tried to chew his way inside so the edges of all the holes became sharp and I had to put it away. I'll have to try the holey roller.
  21. I have wondered about the amount of water intake. Cody, at 39 pounds, usually drinks two full bowls of water. The bowls are fairly big...7 inch diameter and 3 inches high. I've not filled them completely to see if that has made a difference. I'm not sure it has. Really all of this started in late December. Seems he has a sensitive system over all because we have also delt many times with dirreah from food and coccidia. I just hope my pup is alright...and yours.
  22. Thanks Doc. I think I understand a bit better. I'm going to assume that it may be from an infection since the blood work showed no diabetes and normal kidney function. Perhaps a second round of antibiotics are in order. And...I don't think I mentioned my pup's age. He's 11 months and will be a year on Valentine's Day.
  23. My puppy started wetting the bed and himself at night but never really woke up. I also noticed that he started drinking more and peeing more. I took a sample to the vet. They commented that his protien was slightly elevated and he had a low specific gravity. A blood panel showed no diabetes, the kidney and liver were fine also. We did antibiotics for two weeks and things cleared up. Five days after the antibiotics he leaked again so another sample went to the vet. A little bacteria showed up and again a low specific gravity. I asked the vet the importance of the low specific gravity but am not sure I still understand. What is wrong with dilute urine? I figure he must be drinking a lot for a 40 pound pup. For people I hear the lighter yellow the better. Any thoughts on the specific gravity thing?
  24. Hey Betsy and Mik888, My own Cody pup comes from Nebraska! I have family out there. Parents are in Omaha and aunts and uncles south of Lincoln. Cody comes from a farmer in the Crete and Seward area.
  25. My first dog was tattoed by the local humane society a long time ago before the microchip era. He licked and licked it when he first came home. He licked so much you couldn't read it anymore. If I had a to make a choice now I would choose the microchip. Did you hear about the people from Florida whose dog disappeared? They found it here in Colorado! A couple vacationing in Florida found it and liked the dog so they took it home to Colorado. Somehow the owners tracked it down to here and the microchip proved their ownership.
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