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Pressure point

Irish Collie

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My 10 year old alway lays on the same side and a pressure point on the rear ankle has lost it's hair and weeps a bit of blood. We bath it a few times a day. The dog is not limping at all and she does not even lick or wash it. Otherwise a very clean dog that washes everywhere else. We have bought her new softer beds today to stop the affected area rubbing on carpet pile. If I took her to my vets, they would want to sedate her, X-rays etc just to keep the shareholders happy. Is this common in an older BC. Thank you.

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This is very common in older dogs of all breeds, especially dogs who are not small on-the-furniture or lap dogs.

I really doubt that a vet would suggest any Xrays or sedation, considering that this is commonly seen and doesn't have anything to do with a broken bone or any other thing they would want to x-ray. I don't know what you mean about keeping shareholders happy in this context, since very few (if any) veterinarians have shareholders and most are not a part of any large corporation that does.

I would suggest that you stop bathing the area so often, which is probably making it worse by drying out the skin. Your dog is not licking it because it doesn't bother her, so don't let it bother you. New softer beds are a great idea; I am sure she'd like that. See if that helps, and don't worry much about this. Several of my dogs have developed that kind of rough or worn spot by the time they got older. I never saw any harm in it.

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