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Gibbs fur is turning brownish

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Only one of my previous bc was b/w, the others just happened to be brown/white. A couple days ago I noticed the fur on G's back is becoming reddish brown. Now I see that it's also on his back and the top of his head. It's easily noticeable. Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to their dog? He's also always had tan spots over his eyes and on his cheeks. But the newest thing is definitely reddish.

Other than this change he's just the same. Turned 13 last October and has slowed down like any older dog.

I'm interested to read the responses.


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He's in the house most of the time and asleep, at that. Living in Northern Coastal CA, summers here are on the cool side, and we have a fair amount of cloud cover at least half the time. I don't think it's sun bleaching.

I only have a few pix of the red/white bc I had before Gibbs, and those pix weren't all that great. Don't have any way to find out if the r/w dogs got a little bleached as well.

Thx for the comment!




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