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4yo rescue shows remarkable instinct


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About a month ago a border collie that was known to wonder around my neighborhood followed me home.  He was a real life saver, I recently returned from a deployment to Iraq and I was having a difficult time.  Rex snapped me out of it.

I located the owner and it was clearly an unhealthy situation. I am positive the owners sons had been physically abusing Rex.  So I offered her $200 for him and she accepted. The vet found that Rex has heart worms, so we have just begun the $1400 treatment to save his life (it’s the least I can do after he saved me).

Before we began treatment we noticed how well Rex handles our three goats. I have been amazed at Rex’s instincts without any training at all I can let my goats out of their pasture and Rex will heard them to me and begin orbiting to keep them tight. If I walk away he applies pressure to keep the goats with me.

The thing is I have never owned a stock dog and don’t know where to begin working with him once his cage rest period is over.  We live in North East Texas.

Are there any experienced trainers/mentors in the greater Dallas area?  Perhaps someone would be willing to be an online mentor?

I really appreciate it!



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You are in an area with a huge wealth of trainers near you. You might want to look at the TSDA website. There you can find trainers, trials and help. I believe Stephanie Goracke is in the area, reach out to her and if she can't help you I'm sure she can point you in the right direction! Good luck with Rex and thanks for rescuing him!

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Excellent advice from Journey, Texas Sheep Dog Association is a rich resource.  Be careful, you and Rex might really get bitten with the working Border Collie bug! :D

Thanks for sharing your wonderful story, thanks for your service to our country, and please keep us updated.


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