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Hyperactive rehomed neutered 13 month old collie

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we have had our lovely boy for 50 days. He needs constant attention during the day, which is about 8 hours. Otherwise he paces, runs, barks and chew...

We are seeing a dog trainer and a behaviourist and a vet...


we give him 3*30 min walks, 2*10 m play times, 2*1hr training a day.

Is this normal? How do people cope?




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How old is this dog? 

50 days is a short time, whether this is an adult or a puppy. You need to give this time, and teach this dog to chill out when not doing something with you. If you have been giving him attention for 8 hours a day then you are unwittingly training him to expect that much activity.

 You might check out some of the other posts about dogs who need to learn to settle, especially the new post called "13 months old neutered need 8 hours supervision", as there are many suggestions there.

Use a crate to train the dog to chill out. Cut way down on the training times. 2 hours a day of training is far too much for a dog of any age. Use the crate to keep him from running, barking, or chewing. If this is a puppy, these things are natural for any puppy, but learning to be calm is something you have to train.

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