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PRA Research?


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Evidently there is new research beginning to locate the mutation for PRA. Odd though as I only know of a few dogs with actual PRA.  With this being done through Wisdom I do have my doubts though, many of them... The former president of OptiGen (now owned by Wisdom) is leading this. Wasn't it Greg Acklund who wrote the paper saying there was no PRA in the breed? I can't locate anything else regarding this research though..


"If you have a Border Collie that has been diagnosed with PRA by a board-certified ophthalmologist and you would like to assist in the PRA research by submitting a sample, please send an email to: Susan.Pearce-Kelling@effem.com . Sue PK, formerly the president of OptiGen, one of the first DNA testing laboratories for inherited diseases in dogs, will follow up with you and provide the research form and instructions on submitting the sample."

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I contacted Dr. Pearce-Kelling about this project when I first heard about it.  She said she would get in touch with Greg Acland (whom she knows from her OptiGen days) to discuss this with him and ascertain his current opinion on the existence or prevalence of PRA in border collies.  He is retired now but I'm sure he keeps up with this subject, and I myself know of no published research later than a French study in 2008, which Greg was aware of at the time and which did not change his opinion.

Dr. PK's study could be a useful one, but I would expect there would be difficulty in finding border collies with genuine, proven PRA to serve as subjects.

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Here is his old paper on disorders in border collies. 


There was a cluster in Europe maybe 5 years ago of so called PRA, but not the normal type of PRA if i recall. Is this the study you are talking about 


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