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  1. Here is his old paper on disorders in border collies. https://bordercolliefoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Retinal-Disorders-in-Border-Collies.pdf There was a cluster in Europe maybe 5 years ago of so called PRA, but not the normal type of PRA if i recall. Is this the study you are talking about https://link.springer.com/article/10.1186/1746-6148-4-10
  2. Not sure this is the right place , but just want to thank those who made the Live streaming possible. I really enjoyed it (even if the middle of night where I live ) Was great to see the dogs and their amazing handlers! Thanks
  3. Thanks Mark So it is the same as before, all 4 markers are linked, the original 3 are now known to be linked to the newly found forth and same as before, either clear, one (carrier) or two (possibly affected) marker clusters for results?
  4. Can you say how much difference the one additional 4th marker has made in this test, as far as prediction value, as compared to the first 3 markers found in the original work? Another words, will the 4th marker give different breeding decisions than would be made with the 3 markers found?
  5. Thanks Mark. Is there way to contact you on this board and I will give you the information you ask? Ta
  6. Thanks Mark, I am aware of that. However this rumor has stated that the method (perhaps they mean method to find the DNA? or other process) and not the DNA mutations themselves, is what is being patented. So there is no plan to patent methods or other related? Tks
  7. One other question which has been implied or at the very least been suggested as a possibility by some (not me). Is there any plan to obtain patent? It would be good for this to be known, one way or another.
  8. Thank you for the information. I really do appreciate it. I think I need a lesson :). Are each of the 4 variants inherited separately or as a group? Will the test show the result for each of the 4 markers separately? Or a single result of normal, carrier or affected result? If one, some or all of the markers are present in one or both of the parents of a litter, then every one of their pups need to also be tested to give their buyers some idea of risk? I disagree that is 'may' cause hardship to some. It is 2-3 times more costly then the market value of a single sta
  9. I have been trying to educate myself on how to use a 4 snp DNA risk test. Both for the risk the dog you tested and also how you would use that information for breeding and the risk for the pups. Not a lot out there about this type of test, even less on how to use. I have never used one before and I would guess many ABCA owners will also not know what to expect or how to use it. Could ABCA perhaps do some educations posts on here to teach us how to use this test on the dog and also for breeding decisions? For example, I am trying to figure out, it might seem that if either or both of the paren
  10. Is anyone going to make an online EAOD DNA results database? I might do if no one else has plans??
  11. If you have 5 dogs that already have CEA TNS CL CNCL DM IGS MDR1 SN Glaucoma and Raines, DNA profile for $110.00 and now you have to pay another $130? 5 times again just to get EAOD test done, that is eye popping! Every way you count the $$ someone has now been given control of the DNA market for the BC breed world wide, set to make huge sums of money from all BC owners that now have only one option if they want this test. I have seen this tried before and for the most part not many tested, eventually they published when it became clear no windfall of $$ coming their way. People do not like
  12. How long before ABCA will have it publish so we can get a competitive price where we do not have to pay to repeat all the tests on our dogs again? What a waist of money and I expect many will now not test at all unless they know they have it in their dog's lines. Can you give a time frame for when the test is published so we can use choice of labs?
  13. Is there any way to get a Microchip number documented on the ABCA registration of a dog? It is proving difficult for getting DNA documents and Hips scores that note the dogs ABCA name and number, as the vets want the registration papers to have the dogs MC number before they will state the dog they are collecting is the same dog as the ABCA papers presented. ??? Have I missed hwo to get the MC number on the registration papers?
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