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Mucous when she pees


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Ceile started cycling November 8th and after three weeks there was no discharge anymore.  Everything was returning to normal pretty quickly and then on December 13th after she peed she had a two to three inch string of mucous dangling from her vulva.  I took her to the vet the next day.  She jumped out of the way when the tech was trying to get a urine sample but I told her that there should be enough for a sample if they wanted to get it with a catheter. As far as I know they didn't even try.  The vet took a blood sample and told me that it was unlikely to be pyometra because "if a dog has that they are typically really sick".  I reminded her that Ceile was really sick with mastitis just a short time ago and up until the day before hadn't acted any differently.  She did the blood test and told me that she thought this was just a really long heat cycle and this would pass.

Now, I haven't had much experience with dogs in heat, I typically get them spayed between 9 months and a year, but I find it hard to believe that a dog without a discharge suddenly gets a discharge.  If there had been nothing else I would have let it go but yesterday she had a thick four inch string of mucous dangling again right after peeing.  

So my question is to those who have more experience in this area, is this normal or should I be finding another vet?  

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I was able to talk to one of the vet techs I know that is very knowledgeable.  Ceile has come up with a nasty fish smell that isn't related to her anal glands.  The good thing is that she isn't showing any signs of being ill otherwise.  The tech said to give her a sits bath or just a good washing with Epsom salts and see if that clears things up.  She said it could just be something simple and to try the bath and call again on Monday and let them know if things have changed.  I am also changing Ceile's food; apparently that can be a factor (got that from an internet search to reputable sites, not the clinic).  I was thinking of feeding her something different anyway, she wasn't too thrilled with the last bag I opened.  That's not a loss of appetite though, she'll scarf down almost anything else you offer her. :)

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