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Settling new 8 week old BC pup with other dog

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Hi Everyone, 

Looking for advice on settling a 8 week old BC pup with a 6 month old King Charles. They are okay generally until play time, when the BC doesn't understand that the KC has had enough of rough play (neck biting etc). He will back off temporarily when the KC yelps but very quickly after, will be at it again. Seeking advice as to whether its best to separate the dogs after an occurrence, or whether its better to let the two of them figure out each others boundaries. The two dogs can be completely separated  in the house but they will need to live harmoniously at some point together. Any tips or experience appreciated!

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Welcome to the Boards, and congratulations on the new pup.

I would most definitely remove the puppy at the very first sign that the KC has had enough, even before if you know when the older dog is reaching her or his limit.

Puppies should never be permitted to harass an older and/or smaller dog. They need to learn their boundaries and if the older dog isn't doing it effectively or they're not getting it on their own then IMO it's the owner's responsibility to step in early and help the puppy learn. It's only fair and respectful (from you) to the older dog.

p.s. We appreciate pictures!!!!

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I also second (or third) the advice from GentleLake. Protect the older dog. It is fine if the other dog wants to play - very helpful in dissipating some of that puppy energy, BUT if the other dog doesn't want to play and the puppy still has energy, it is your responsibility to play with your pup.  Also, if you don't remove the pup, you could be setting yourself (your dogs) up for future problems since the CKCS will begin to resent the puppy to the point that the pup will trigger negative feelings any time he sees him. They may never have a good relationship if you don't intervene.

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