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Border collie and walking in the area with traffic

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How do I train my 12 weeks old BC to walk without getting distracted by fast moving cars? I live by dual carriage way and it has been struggle to make him understand it’s ok to walk on the pathway. He kneels down each time a car passes by while crossing the road too. I know it’s typical collie herding instinct but how do I train him to walk normally. 
I have tried treats, whistle and even carried him across the road so that he can walk.

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Hello---  I am not clear on what you mean by "he kneels down", and what you mean by "it's typical collie herding instinct", so if you can clarify that would be helpful.

Also, if possible it would help if you elaborated on what training methods you have actually used with treats and whistle. Knowing a few details will help us to understand what you have been doing so far and to give you suggestions.

The first thing I want to say is that a 12 week old dog is a very young puppy. You cannot expect him to learn to walk on a leash and not be distracted by things when he is still such a baby. It would be like asking a six year old human being to behave perfectly all the time. :-) Also, even if you got him at a very young age you have only just started training with this pup. Training takes a long time and takes patience and consistency. Be patient. Just because something has not worked yet doesn't mean it doesn't work. 

Off hand, I'd say you need to work on attention, and to do this in the house and in other areas where there are no distractions. Training is one step at a time, and it is important to get each step down pat before you introduce other elements, as it is too difficult for a young puppy to learn while there are distractions. Can you walk him somewhere there are no cars, and away from the roads entirely? That is where to start.


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Is the 'kneels down' referring to him crouching, so that all four legs are sort of under him and his belly/chest is on the ground? Whatever type of behavior it is, you want him to pay attention to your cues/commands. I second the suggestion of working with him somewhere away from traffic, while you get him used to the leash and cues that you use. Do short outings at first, then as his behavior improves you can take him for longer outings. 

Good luck!

Ruth & Gibbs

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