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In need of guidance with border collie

Posting for my boyfriend. My boyfriend’s family dog is a border collie and he’s 3 years old. First time border collie owners. He is super sweet, always up for cuddles. The issue is he keeps escaping and ripping things apart such as wooden bench this weekend, we fear he is going to hurt himself. About a month ago as well his dog brother passed away (10 year old lab which kept the BC on check)  Though before the other dog passed away the BC would escape always.He isn’t neutered, so idk if that is what is causing the escaping? They walk him once a day for one hour everyday. He still escapes the backyard. I am thinking of walking him in the afternoons as well to make it twice a day. Any tips would greatly help.

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he is bored,  a walk for one hour a day isnt enough. he needs mental stimulation more then anything else. 

i hike with my 7 year old bc for 3 hours a day and it isnt enough i need to play games with him. ball throwing tricks etc

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