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  1. Nice video I love any video on border collies thanks for sharing
  2. Great post. I agree with most of it but I think when they get older and be old dogs they don't care about the negative stuff they become much more easy going
  3. Got these books a whole back thanks to some recommendations . I highly recommend them
  4. My bc is ONLY a Velcro dog if I'm doing something, if I'm doing stuff she is always with me. But if I'm not doing anything I'm boring so she's off doing her own thing.
  5. my bc zara is 7, and she will still walk forever but she's not so keen on doing sprints any more and drinks lots more water and doesnt really play with her toys any more, getting more white hairs around the muzzle.
  6. I have my bc off leash all the time. But she's 7 and never ever leaves my side, when she was 2 I would never have her off a leash. And I wouldn't have a dog off leash unless I could trust them 100 percent of the time. It took over 2 years for zara to be trusted and be a "good dog"
  7. It's tough to answer this with out knowing how much physical and mental exersize she is getting.
  8. I'm still having trouble finding any half decent books on their history etc I have no trouble finding other breeds history and very good books
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