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  1. i dont think a day goes by where im not googling border collie reviews and informations or watching youtube videos (i've watched dogs101 border collies more times then i can count), reading footrot flats things or re reading my border collie books!
  2. thank you amc i will look into them asap and purchase them
  3. Unfortunately I don't have social media , so can only purchase off sites like ebay, thanks anyway
  4. The simple answer and reply is just get your dog the best food you can afford :-) its like your own diet you can survive on take away every day but you would feel horrible.
  5. Well done for adopting . Imo you've got the bc In her best years! When they are younger they don't stop! As far as chasing that's prey drive and it was obviously never nurtured. It's possible to get it back with food based reward . But it would require a lot of effort and training. Imo you should just spend your time doing things with your dog she likes now. Sounds like long walks makes her happy so she can relax and chill out with you :-)
  6. he is bored, a walk for one hour a day isnt enough. he needs mental stimulation more then anything else. i hike with my 7 year old bc for 3 hours a day and it isnt enough i need to play games with him. ball throwing tricks etc
  7. i am so obsessed i regularly watch you tube videos that i've watched i think over 1000 times like dogs 101 border collie and brooklins corner border collie etc
  8. at the moment im feeding taste of the wild topped off with high quality tinned food and of course butcher scraps
  9. still wanting to get more books guys if u guys can give links or titles so i can buy them that would be good
  10. I prefer to feed mine orijen when money is tight I go taste of the wild
  11. im a butcher so i feed my bc a lot of meat i bring home from the shop, but when i cant bring home meat i try and feed my bc a mix of orijen and call of the wild with some tinned food. i've heard ppl swear on their lives by feeding their dogs raw. but im more a 50/50 person 50 percent kibble/50percent raw or tinned food
  12. So, How obsessed with bc's are you? me? im fully obsessed have been my whole life since i was a kid and my father introduced me to footrot flats, got stuffed toys, read the comics and to this day i still collect footrot flats things! i think i will always have a border collie, at least untill im a senior and can not longer exersize my dogs, i am constantly reading books, internet articals, watching youtube videos on border collies! i am fully obsessed! if i ever go shopping and see any border collie memorabilia i will be sure to get it!
  13. my border collie will guard this house from possums and or any small vermits! but when it comes to humans he will ignore them or if they are friendly lick and want to play with them.
  14. still working on training them i dont think it ever stops
  15. Just a random photo of me and my best bud going for a walk, we go everywhere
  16. My second video of teaching my two dogs Zara and Eve (Doberman) both older dogs to sit come stay and hand shake
  17. I will be slowly adding my n00bish training videos as I endeavour to train my older border collie, any advice for training would be appreciated as it’s taking me ages.
  18. Ok no worries I will make that post now cheers and sorry guys
  19. Oh crap, sorry,what would be the right area?
  20. I don’t have many bc books but here is my current lot of bc books if anyone has any other recommendations of bc books I’d be glad to hear them as I want to buy more!
  21. people are probably going to hate on me but i've never ever brushed any of my dogs teeth in my life and i've never ever had any troubles with their teeth
  22. imho he needs more "wearing out" like a massive run/games until he is exhausted and doesn't want to do more, i have to take my girl for a 2 hour hike up a mountain every morning, and constantly train/tricks/ball recovery for a couple of hours later on in the day to keep my girl normal. if she misses out on any of those she runs around digging up the yard or runs around crazy. she's perfect when she's physically and mentally worn out. its what they are made to do. run sheep all day long.
  23. Thanks for the advice guys, I will now start training my old border collie tricks and uploading them to you tube as I teach them to her for now here is a simple first, catching a ball
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