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So, dogs can test positive for Covid-19


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So a dog in Singapore tested "weakly positive" for Covid-19 after its owner was found to be positive.  People have been advised not to kiss their dogs if they are in quarantine for Covid-19.

I am not panicking as there is no evidence that the dog is symptomatic.

I know there is canine coronavirus, which humans do not catch, and human versions of coronavirus dogs do not get either. This may be  an exception, or the dog may simply have some virus due to exposure without full infection.

On the other hand, I had to buy toilet paper yesterday, as we were down to our last two rolls, and the couple in front of me each bought four packs of 24 rolls, the maximum per person.  192 rolls.  Stockpiling for a condition that does not cause diarrhoea.  And we live 30 minutes away from the factory that is working 24 hour shifts making toilet paper.  Who ever thought there would need to be store imposed limits on TP!

If we were talking about a three month quarantine, or a cholera or dysentery pandemic, I could understand the obsession with toilet paper.  But seriously people....

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