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Border Collies in the Australian Bushfires


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There is a little seaside town in Victoria called Mallacoota, which has had to be evacuated by our Navy due to the bushfires.  This is the most famous photo of that evacuation.  Thankfully our Navy has let all the evacuees take their pets with them on the ship.

This is another photo from the bushfires, although I do not know where it was taken.


It has been a rough few months, although not too bad where I live (only a couple of smallish fires in the region).  The traditionally worst two months are yet to come.


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Lawgirl,  what organisations would you suggest for donations?  And thanks for the pictures - I was heartened by seeing photos of the Border Collie who is finding injured koalas in NSW as well.



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This is a good article to see where you can donate.  It includes links to the volunteer fire services in NSW, Victoria and South Australia, as well as Red Cross, wildlife organisations and a Rural Renewal charity.


There is also an appeal being run by a female comedian on Facebook; her parents-in-law have had to be evacuated from their home in Eden in NSW. It started off looking to raise a few thousand for the NSW Fire Service, now has raised over $40 million.


I woke up this morning to a red sun and a smoky day.  This smoke has come more than 600km (over 370 miles) from the fires in the Gippsland, and is bad enough to trigger my asthma (which I usually only suffer when I have a chest infection).

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Amid all the horror it's nice to have a bit of happy news.

The poster, Andrew Frost, writes:

My neighbours Kevin and family have a resident Koala that comes down for a drink when it is really hot. Down yesterday and today. Riley Stone and Olivia Stone have a dog, Rusty, who knows the Koala pretty well and they are mates (buddies for you in the US) - here they are hanging out filmed by Danielle Stone . The family has some great videos of this lovely animal. (Yes the country is on fire, climate change is real and many politicians are in denial but nice to post something smiley). We can pray for more enlightened leadership in the future! PS Been a tad of interest in this post (180K views so far) so I have updated it to get the attribution correct.


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