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Intro & moving to Dallas TX area

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Hello all,


This is my first post here, I have been an active reader of the forums for over 2 years, gleaning from the breadth of knowledge that everyone here seems to have.


I rescued Jack, a Border collie/aussie mix, about 2 years ago when he was just 5 months old. He was originally a stray from Tennessee, but I took him home to upstate NY and have given him the best life I can offer. He is a fantastic dog - he has some separation anxiety and an intense over-excitement when meeting new people, but he is all love toward all people and animals...he is also incredibly intelligent, and has such an ability to focus and learn, asking only for engagement and play as his payment.


Here's a link to some photos of the little guy:



The main reason I am posting today is because I recently took a job in Plano TX, just north of Dallas. I've lived my entire life in upstate NY, and in a few weeks I will be leaving everything I've known, including a boarding and daycare facility that my dog loves, knowledge of the climate and how it affects my dog, and the vast network of people that I trust.


I wanted to see if anyone had any insight or advice about this adventure we are about to embark on. Anything from the best parks to let him run off leash to what to expect when it gets to the hot summer months.


I have also always wanted to get his instinct tested in front of sheep or some herd-able animal -- I doubt he could run a farm, but he runs circles around everything, and gets laser focused on anything that moves. At least it would be the most fun thing he has ever experienced -- I haven't done much research, but I wasn't sure if there were any herding groups or clubs that were friendly to complete beginners in the area.


With this move I am trying to reign in my ever-expanding set of hobbies, and put some more energy in to Jack. Whether it is exploring the herding scene or maybe getting him enrolled in an actual agility class. He travels well, but I want to make sure I've got some good information before picking up and driving halfway across the country.


Thanks to all who respond, I appreciate the knowledge base that I've been able to pick from over the past few years!



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Welcome, Mark and Jack~ Jack is adorable!


I think we do have a couple TX members, hopefully they will respond with much more current info. I lived in Denton in the mid-1970's, going to college. The only thing I can tell you that might be helpful is to expect very hot, muggy summers which last from mid-April through September. Temps in the 90's are not unusual, starting in April. In the summer, days in the 100+ can stretch out forever.


In winter, particularly as you ease into spring, the temperature can change from chilly to very, very warm in a matter of hours. And vice versa. I still remember the beautiful spring day I went to class in the morning, dressed in a sleeveless top and lightweight slacks. Returned to my dorm room with teeth chattering and feet feeling frozen, because of a swift cold front from Canada.


If you and Jack have lived through similar conditions in New York St, you won't be bothered. But do believe the locals when they tell you the weather is changeable.


Good luck with the move and hope someone will have more dog related info for you.


Ruth & Gibbs



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