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Xylitol in some peanut butter

Tommy Coyote

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Thanks for the warning about xylitol in melatonin. I have known about xylitol in PB for several years.


Always best to read ingredient labels. I am usually pretty good about reading labels, but not always. Recently I decided to read the labels for chicken broth and beef broth and saw sugar. Sigh. Why do you need that in broth?

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I read this a while ago. Right now it seems like it is used in three or four fairly "off" brands, not the popular brands like Skippy or Jiff or the like. But yes, read the ingredients and beware of anything that says it's "naturally sweetened," because that generally means it's not plain ol' sugar!

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...read the ingredients and beware of anything that says it's "naturally sweetened,"...


I'm always wary of anything that claims to be "natural." It may well be, but it's no guarantee it is just because the label says it is. Unfortunately, there's no legal definition of the word "natural" for foodstuffs, toiletries, cleaners. etc. so ti can contain any decidedly unnatural ingredients and still be legal.


And even if this weren't true, it should still be approached cautiously. After all, strychnine and arsenic are natural, as are sugar and salt. And while the first 2 can be downright downright deadly, too much of the latter 2 can be decidedly unhealthy in excessive amounts.

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Here is a list- It is in lots of stuff:


Packaged goods and baking mixes

Candies, gum and mints

Jams, Syrups, Condiments and Honey

Protein Bars

Flavored waters and drink powders


Peanut butter and nut butters

Medications, vitamins and supplements

Cookies, desserts

ice cream and yogurt (glad I saw this. I give my dogs yogurt sometimes)

Cosmetics and Hair care

Dental products

Some sports clothing

Some stuff like personal lubricants


You just have to watch everything.

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Fortunately there is a readily available store brand here with no added sugar or salt or any other potential nasties including palm oil.

When nursing my last dog, I was advised all sorts to tempt her to eat. I got into the habit of reading the small print. Even baby food can have undesirable additives!

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