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Quoting and Cut/Paste Not Working


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Bill, I sent you a PM about this, but I copied what I wrote there and pasted it here:


With regard to quoting -- at the bottom right of each post are a number of options. The button farthest to the right reads "Quote." Click on that button in the post you want to respond to, and it will appear as a quote in the box where you type your response. You can remove any text you don't want included in your quote. If you click on "MultiQuote" you can combine quotes from more than one post. Here in the PM section, what you are replying to is automatically quoted when you hit "Reply."

Copy and paste works in the normal way: Highlight and right click on the material you want to copy, hit "copy," go to the place you want to put it, right click again, hit "paste."

Hope this helps. I don't use IE, but this works fine in Chrome and Safari.

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It works on my IPad and I assume it will work on my Mac Book Pro. Yes I know how to copy and paste been on the internet before most of you were out of High School. Copy, Paste and Quote All work with IE on every other Forum I have been using. I suggest the folks at IP Board that wrote this software start testing in all the browsers, that's what I did when I was doing websites for pay.

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