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a seasonal reminder from HEF

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Hi all,

This is a reminder to everyone that if you're shopping on Amazon, you can have a portion of your payment automatically donated to the ABCA Health & Education Foundation (HEF). It's so easy, and doesn't cost you a thing!

In the last quarter alone (July, August, September), Amazon donated $136.31 to the HEF. The amount has been growing as more border collie benefactors begin using this simple shopping method. One of our earliest supporters reported to me that as of February of this year (2017), her purchases alone had generated $162 for the Foundation.

Here's how to do it:

Go to http://smile.amazon.com/ch/47-4642702 . You can even click on it right here. Then bookmark it. You'll enter your name and ID once at that site, and from then on you can use that link to do all your Amazon shopping, and automatically benefit the HEF. If you forget and go to amazon.com instead, you'll be reminded of your option to shop through Amazon Smile and given a link to click to get there. You'll have access
to the same products, features, services and prices as on amazon.com. The shopping experience is the same, except that the HEF benefits.

It's a good cause. :-) If you care about Border Collies, please help us out.

Thank you and best wishes,


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I have been doing this and really enjoy knowing that a bit of what I spend goes to this worthy endeavor. It costs me nothing but if enough people do it, as Eileen points out, it will make a difference.


And thank you, Eileen, for all the good work the ABCA and ABCA H&EF have done over the years to promote and improve the working Border Collie.

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