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Referral to a good rescue?

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I'm doing a little organizing work for a survivor of the Sonoma/Napa Firestorms. He's got 3 border collies, and trials them. The youngest he took in as a rescue, and needs to re-home him.


Can anyone recommend either Northern California Border Collie Rescue OR Border Collie Rescue of Northern California? I've had no dealings w/either, I just know they both have pretty web sites, and seem to mostly place pet dogs.


This dog is people friendly but does not particularly like other dogs. He's also terrified of being in a crate, as a result of incidents on the night of the fire. My client is going to try Prozac.


I've met him, I think he's about 4, and he is indeed a charmer w/people. Don't know if he has any sheep ability or has been tested, I can ask. And I'll be working w/the client and dog to see if we can do some de-sensitization towards the crate.


If anyone has any other ideas, I'd love to hear about them. As you might imagine, the shelters and rescues locally are overflowing.


Thanks for any help anyone can give. I'll check w/my client and see if he wants me to post a pic and a fuller description here.


Thank you all!


Ruth & Gibbs




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Hi Ruth,


I can wholeheartedly recommend the southern CA border collie rescue. I don't know any of the folks in northern BC rescue, so can't say anything bout them. And it is to be noted that my experience with the group in southern CA was several years ago now. However, I understand that the same core group of people are running it, and so there's no reason to believe that it would be different.


They are a dedicated bunch, and I got to know them pretty well when I lived in LA. I got my Jester from them, and attended all of their wonderful Border collie Rescue Fundraising get-togethers, which were always a blast. A huge fenced park, 30 to 40 people and 40 to 50 border collies of all types and ages and sizes, and never once was there a problem among the dogs (or the people). They work very hard to ensure good foster homes and good placements for the dogs.


hope this helps.

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Gloria, I maintain strict confidentiality of any client information, so I can't confirm. And thanks for the support. I love these communities and this area, and have since I moved here close to 40 yrs ago. I can use my talents & skills to help others, and that makes me feel better, too.


Ruth & Gibbs

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